Thursday, October 19, 2017

Review: Y: The Last Man, Volume 9: Motherland by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Goran Sudzuka, Jose Marzan, Jr.

Title: Y: The Last Man, Volume 9: Motherland
Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Pencillers: Pia Guerra and Goran Sudzuka
Inkers: Jose Marzan, Jr. and Goran Sudzuka
Published by: DC Comics
Released: 2006
Source: Library

Summary: Secrets are about to come out. What caused the plague in the first place? Will Yorick ever find Beth? Will Dr. Allison Mann ever smile? 
Being the last man alive is dangerous. Four years and Yorick is still on this never ending journey. The end is near!
My Thoughts: I thought this Volume was okay. It focused a lot on Dr. Allison Mann, who has never been my favorite character. I enjoy the dynamic of Yorick and Agent 355 more. Anyway, we find out some interesting revelations about Dr. Mann and her family. I will say, I'm still confused as to what caused the plague and why Yorick survived. It could be because I've been reading this series slowly, and I tend to forget details.
It's also hard for me to believe that 4 years have passed in this series. That's so long, and sometimes it can feel kind of slow.
I wouldn't say this was my favorite Volume, but I didn't hate it. I'm excited that I'm almost at the end. I hope I'm satisfied by the ending. I'm excited to be this close to finishing. I would definitely recommend this series.
The End Is Near... And I'm Excited!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

#Spookathon : I'm Trying It

Another week, another readathon haha. But seriously #Spookathon is going on right now and I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I don't have a hard, concrete plan yet. I know I won't complete all the challenges, or probably even read that many books, but I thought I'd try it anyway. Are you doing the readathon? Let me know in the comments below.

My SPOOKATHON Book Plans At The Moment


-- Death Note, Volume 8: Target by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata --
-- The Dire King (Jackaby #4) by William Ritter--
-- The Graveyard Apartment by Mariko Koike --

I'll post a wrap-up after the readathon's over just to show how I did. I don't imagine it will be great, but readathons are kind of fun. What's even more fun is a readathon centered around Halloween and Scary Books, which are things I like to read anyway. So, let the reading commence! Technically, this started on Monday, but whatever.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: Flying (#1) by Carrie Jones

Title: Flying (#1)
Author: Carrie Jones
Published by: TOR Teen
Released: 2016
Source: Library

Mana is your typical high school student/cheerleader. She's peppy, she tumbles, and she enjoys her life with her plain jane mom that loves her.
Everything changes when she tries to save the cute drummer boy Dakota Dunham, and he turns out to be an ACID SPITTING ALIEN! Reeling, Mana goes home to discover her house ransacked, her mother missing, and a mysterious man named China, who claims to be her mother's alien hunting partner. What is going on? How can her boring mother be an alien hunter? One thing is clear, Mana must save her mother, and get the truth about what is going on in her world.
My Thoughts: Nope. I did not enjoy this. Did it have potential to be something I would like? Yes, or I wouldn't have picked this up. An alien fighting cheerleader just sounds like a good time. How very misled I was.
My main problem with this book, the reason I disliked it so much, is because I pretty much despised the main character Mana. Despised might be too strong a word, but I really didn't like Mana. I guess a plus for her is that she acted like an actual teenager. She felt like a 16 year old girl. I just found Mana to be extremely annoying, like I wish she would stop talking annoying. It was hard to sympathize with her because I didn't like her. I didn't find her funny or snarky. she was just an irritant.
I also felt like aspects of this book were very judge-y. They came through the mouthpiece of Mana, and gave her an I'm Better Than Everyone Else attitude.
There were some aspects of this book that reminded me of the X-Files, and I wish those parts had been focused on more.
There were aspects of this story that I had kind of figured out from page one, yet it took Mana forever to figure it out. 
There were some unexpected twists that were kind of interesting.
So, I just didn't have fun reading this. It was a chore. If I was in the practice of DNF'ing books, I would have quit this one. Some people could totally love this book, but I wasn't one of them. It could have been a fun, alien hunting time, but instead it was an irritating teenager, doing irritating teenage things, and messing stuff up. Not for me.
No, Just No.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Reading Right Now! (136)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

-- Dead Letters: An Anthology edited by Conrad Williams -- I actually started this awhile ago, but with short story collections, I tend to read a couple stories and then put it down, eventually coming back to it. This anthology is all about Dead Letters, letters that get lost in the mail for years, letters that show up to the wrong houses, mysterious letters.
What's interesting about this book, and I'm pretty sure I'm remembering it right, is that the editor actually sent mysterious/strange letters as prompts to the contributing authors for their stories. I just thought that was pretty cool. I would have loved to have had a brief description of the prompts that inspired each story in the book, but that's just because I'm curious.
I'm enjoying this anthology. Not every story is great, but that's just a given. Some stories have been really interesting, but then the endings have just kind of let me down. I'm liking this though. It's kind of fun. So, I really plan on finishing this this weekend. I'm like 85% of the way through, so I think I can do it.

Next up is...

-- Death Note, Vol. 8: Target by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata -- I need to read this one and I've just been putting it off. I think the ending of Volume 7 really shocked and saddened me, and I've just been in a state of denial. I need to know what happens next though.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Review: The Revolution of Ivy (#2) by Amy Engel

Title: The Revolution of Ivy (#2)
Author: Amy Engel
Published by: Entangled Teen
Released: 2015
Source: Library

Summary: Ivy is now behind the fence, out in the wild, all alone. After being kicked out of Westfall, Ivy must embark on a new journey. She meets dangers and weather elements. She also meets people living beyond the wall, and has to decide whether she can trust them or not.
Apart from survival, Ivy is also besieged by memories of all she left behind. Her family, who didn't even come to say goodbye. Bishop, who she wasn't supposed to care for, then she did. She can't get his face out of her mind.
Ivy has to survive in this new world she's been thrust into. But can she ever forget Westfall?
My Thoughts: This was my kind of book. It was my aesthetic. As soon as I started reading this, I knew I'd enjoy it. I really liked the first book when I read it. It presented an interesting world, and a really sweet romance. This second book, and finale, was a good ending to the series. I do think the first book, The Book of Ivy, is stronger, but this finale wasn't bad.
The sweetest thing about this series has to be the romance. If only I could find a guy like Bishop Lattimer. He's pretty perfect. He's patient, understanding, and just all the things you want. Ivy is lucky to have him.
There were some really brutal scenes in this one, which I liked. Amy Engel does a really good job at writing intense scenes. It totally fit with the post-apocalyptic world happening in this series.
I do wish there had been a little more world building in this book. I love those scenes of abandoned houses and abandoned towns, hidden dangers, and people that can't be trusted. I wanted more of that. I wanted to know how Caleb and Ash survived the world they lived in, and just had Ivy do some more exploring in an abandoned world.
I really liked the characters of Caleb and Ash, but I wanted to know more about them. I wanted to hear about their pasts, especially Caleb's. They were good characters, but they just felt very background, supportive.
The only other gripe I had was that the middle felt a little slow. Not a lot happened.
I really enjoyed this finale, and I really enjoyed this series. It was just fun to read. It had the sweetest romance I've read in a while. It was just fun reading.
So Satisfying.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Favorite Creepy Settings

Welcome to a spooooky Top 5 Wednesday! In honor of this glorious season, this week's topic is Top 5 Favorite Creepy Settings. One of the best things about picking up a scary book is getting immersed in a creepy setting with crazy stuff happening. Here's a few of my favorite creepy settings...

--Haunted Houses-- It's a classic for a reason. It's creepy. Sometimes the characters get stuck there and can't leave. They can be haunted by ghosts or other weird secrets. Haunted Houses are a win.

--The Woods-- This goes more towards the fear of being alone or lost in a place where there is no one around to help you. There could be someone stalking you in the woods. They are dark. Shadows everywhere! The woods can be scary! and a great setting for a good, creepy book.

--A Town Full of Weird Residents With Creepy Secrets-- Oddly specific, but such fun for a scary book. I love it when characters think they are coming to a normal town, and then it's not. The danger tends to ratchet up. People usually get crazy. And there's often no escape. Fun Fun Fun!

--An Asylum-- Asylums are creepy! Be they Asylums with people still being treated in them or abandoned, old Asylums full of the old equipment, with the history still seeped in the walls. I would hate to be trapped in an old Asylum. I know some people do tours of old ones, spend the night and stuff, I'm simply not brave enough. But a great setting for a scary book.

--Abandoned Places-- This is general and broad, but I do love creepy books set in a place that has been long forgotten. Or sometimes the characters just think it's been long forgotten. There's the opportunity for a variety of abandoned places to. Usually they are empty, away from society, and there is no escape. Fun!

So that's my Top 5 Favorite Creepy Settings! I love creepy, scary books, so this topic was right up my alley. What are your Top Creepy Settings? Let me know in the comments below. If you want to join in on the Top 5 Wednesday fun, you totally should! Each Wednesday is a new, fun topic to contemplate and consider. Check out all the other Top 5 Wednesday-ers HERE!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Review: Nailbiter, Volume 3: Blood In The Water by Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson, and Adam Guzowski

Title: Nailbiter, Volume 3: Blood In The Water
Story by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Mike Henderson
Colors by: Adam Guzowski
Letters and Book Design by: John J. Hill
Published by: Image Comics, Inc.
Released: September 2015
Source: Library

Summary: Why does Buckaroo produce so many serial killers? We might be getting closer to the answer. With help from the Nailbiter killer, a town sheriff and a former NSA officer explore forgotten places in the hope of finding an answer.
My Thoughts: This comic series is so weird, so disturbing, and yet, kind of fun. I felt like I was so close to finding out what was going on in this town, and then it was still held just out of my grasp. I WANT THE ANSWERS!! 
I'm mixed on how I feel about Warren. I mean, he's a serial killer, and there are times when that fact is so obvious. Then there are other times when he's helpful and funny.
I do find I have trouble remembering the other characters' names. Especially the NSA officer, is it Finch? And then the sheriff? I just forget their names.
We did find out one secret in this Volume, which was pretty major. We also got some flashbacks, which I enjoyed.
The ending was mean with that To Be Continued... I will pick up the next Volume when I can, but it might be awhile before I get my hands on it.
This comic series is fun and pretty disturbing all at the same time. I need to know Why This Town!?
What Is With This Place?!