Sunday, January 8, 2012

Starting Something New!

This idea of book blogging is new for me and I'm a little excited about starting it up. I've always loved books, even before I could read. I really enjoy reading any kind of YA books with a special emphasis on paranormal, dystopian, and fantasy.
So maybe I should tell how this idea came about. One day while surfing on my phone I found these little videos titled IMM or In My Mailbox. These videos posted by various people showed books, books, and more books. I got excited watching these videos and the books these people were recieving. It actually made me a little jealous of all the cool books they had and made me want to read them. I started watching IMM after IMM and had some favorite channels. thestorysiren and reading teen were the IMM's that got me hooked and it was icing on the cake to learn that thestorysiren was the originator for the cool in my mailbox idea. I then started thinking that this blogging/book reviewing idea is something that I could do. So my goal of this blog is to share books that I have read and my opinions of them and hopefully bring enjoyment over the love of books to someone or anyone really. This book blogging community looks like a pretty awesome place to be a part of, so hopefully this whole thing works out. I'm going to do my best to post book reviews, keep the blog posted on what I'm reading, and give a glimpse of my excitement level to books I have read.
On an unrelated note thinking up a blog name is hard! A lot of the cool ones were taken already, but I'm happy with the name I eventually settled on, seeing how it's book and excitement combined!! Ha, I'm just so clever... haha.

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