Friday, February 10, 2012

Review of Strange Angels, by: Lili St. Crow

Title: Strange Angels
Author: Lili St. Crow
Publisher: Razorbill an imprint of Penguin Group
Released: 2009
Summary: Dru Anderson and her father live in the Real World. They travel the country ridding the world of creatures that should only reside in fairytales and nightmares. Aided by her physic gift, they hunt down werewolves, vampires, and giant mutant cockroaches. Then, when her father comes back from one of his hunts, he doesn't come back human. Dru is forced to kill her zombiefied father, leaving her alone and scared. With the help of a half-vampire and a werewulf bitten classmate, Dru goes on a journey of survival and a journey to figure out who and what she really is.
My Thoughts: This book was AWESOME! I loved the characters of Dru and Graves. Dru is tough as nails and can definitely kick some supernatural butt, while Graves is loyal to a fault. The book kind of reminded me of the television show Supernatural, which I love, in that it contained more old school legends and monster myths. The vampires definitely weren't sparkly and the werewolves weren't so social. The book was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a fully enjoyable roller coaster ride of action, monsters, and teenagers. This book is the beginning of a series which I fully intend to finish. This book was awesome, and I fully recommend it to readers everywhere.
Just for the curious or interested the Strange Angels/Dru Anderson series goes as follows:
1. Strange Angels
2. Betrayals
3. Jealousy
4. Defiance
5. Reckoning
Sometimes I like knowing the order of a series and figure others might too.
it was that good!

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