Monday, April 15, 2013

Review of: The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and The Olympians Book 2) by Rick Riordan

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2)
Title: The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and The Olympians Book 2)
Author: Rick Riordan
Published by: Miramax Books/ Hyperion Books for Children
Released: 2006
Summary: Percy's back for another adventure. Percy, Son of Poseidon, has had a very uneventful school year (finally). No monsters coming to kill him or gods coming to pester him. Then, Percy has a dream of Grover in trouble and  learns that the defenses of Camp Half-Blood have been breached. Half-Blood's are no longer safe at the camp. Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson (new character) decide to go on a quest to save Camp Half-Blood by finding the Golden Fleece and saving Grover in the process. Another exciting and funny adventure involving our favorite half-blood Percy Jackson.
My Thoughts: I love this series. It's a great mix of action, adventure, and humor. The way Riordan illustrates the classic Greek myths are just humorous and fun. In this book, the character of Tantalus was a little creepy and very fun. I loved the humor of the food running away from him. 
I just really like this series. So much fun and Percy Jackson is one of my favorite heroes.
Percy Jackson saves the day (with help) again!

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