Friday, March 9, 2012

Review of: The 39 Clues: One False Note (#2), By: Gordon Korman

Title: The 39 Clues: One False Note (#2)
Author: Gordon Korman
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Released: 2008
Summary: Amy and Dan are back! With clue #1 in their possession, they are now on the search for the second all important clue. This second clue centers around another important Cahill relative who shaped history, Mozart! Amy, Dan, and their au pair, Nellie, travel to Vienna and Venice in pursuit of the clue. They must always be on alert for their highly dysfunctional family and competitors. The game is dangerous, but victory means fame, wealth, and power. This is another exciting installment in the hunt for The 39 Clues.
My Thoughts: I really enjoy this book series. I love the sense of action and adventure that I, as the reader, get to experience with Amy and Dan. I also really enjoy the rich history that is essential to the stories. In a way, it sort of reminds me of the movie National Treasure, being a scavenger hunt on an epic scale. Each book is like a t.v. episode, the clue is found by the end and the hunt for the next one continues in the next book. I enjoy the characters of Amy and Dan, but sometimes I feel they are just too smart to be regular kids. Also, the concept of one family being related to all these famous game changers in history seems to be a bit far-fetched, but it satisfies that need that people wish for, to be related to someone cool in history. I also really enjoy the shortness of the stories and the illustrations interspersed throughout the text. I would recommend these books to anybody and everybody because they are so much fun. So, everybody should join the hunt for The 39 Clues!
Action, Adventure, and Knowledge!

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