Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review of The Agency: The Body at the Tower By: Y.S. Lee

Title: The Agency: The Body at the Tower
Author: Y.S. Lee
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Released: 2010
Summary: This is the second book in the Mary Quinn Mystery series. This story starts out with a death inside the palace yard. A carpenter falls to his death from St. Stephens Tower, the Agency is called into investigate and Mary begins her second investigation under the guise of a 12 year old boy. As Mary enters the working site and enters the life of a 12 year old errand boy on a construction site she uncovers, with the help of James Easton, the truth and scandal of what really happened with The Body at the Tower.
My Thoughts: I read and enjoyed the first Mary Quinn mystery, The Agency: A Spy in the House, so I was excited to pick up the second one. While reading, I was transported to Victorian London and immersed in the trials and tribulations of a child laborer. One thing I really like about these books is the way Y.S. Lee makes Victorian London real to the reader. I was also pleased with the reappearance of James Easton, the love interest of Mary Quinn. Although, at the end I was a little disappointed in how it turned out, again! The mystery was also pretty enjoyable, but not really all that shocking. I also liked some of the new characters Y.S. Lee introduced and wonder if they'll be making an appearance in the next novel. Mary seemed more of an emotional waterpot in this novel than she did in the first. All the crying kind of took away from Mary's hard-nosed spy persona. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy Victorian London and historical fiction in general. Overall, this was an enjoyable, good book and I will be waiting eagerly for the next installment.
bloody good read

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