Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Skylark (Skylark #1) by Meagan Spooner

Title: Skylark (Skylark #1)
Author: Meagan Spooner
Published by: Carolrhoda Lab
Released: 2012
Summary: With the world outside torn apart by wars, the only place to be safe is the City in which Lark lives. Powered by magic, the City relies on harvesting the magic of the City's young children. Lark is one of the oldest children to have not been harvested. Lark wants to be harvested, so she can finally become an adult. When the fateful day comes, it turns into a nightmare. Lark learns that she is a Renewable, her magic once removed is able to charge back. The city plans to use her unlimited power source and keep her like a slave or piece of equipment. Seeing this as a fate worse than death, Lark escapes the City and journeys into the vast Wasteland that was once the world. As Lark journeys, trying to find other people like her, she must fight to survive the harsh conditions and dangerous creatures.
My Thoughts: This book was like a kiddie roller coaster, it had highs and lows, some twists and turns, but generally wasn't as exciting as the adult ride. I picked this book up because I absolutely loved These Broken Stars and wanted to read some of the authors' other works. This book kind of disappointed me because I thought it was going to be better. I thought it would have that same feel as These Broken Stars.
The beginning started off a little slow and it took me a little while to get into it. It then got interesting, but after Lark escaped the City, it got a little weird and confusing, and at times annoying. The ending had a couple twists and turns that kept me interested as well.
The world in this book is a little confusing. There are these wars that happened sometime in the past that pretty much destroyed the world, but the reader doesn't get to learn anything about them. Then there is the magic that exists in the world and pretty much does weird things to the environment. It's like a weird mix of steampunk, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic all rolled up (unsuccessfully to me) into one.
Our main character Lark annoyed me the majority of the time, especially when she was in the wilderness outside the city. I kind of get what Spooner was trying to do, having Lark experience this whole new world after being trapped in a dome, but Lark was just annoying. She was deathly afraid of the sky, thought she was going to drown in a thunderstorm. I just wanted to roll my eyes and tell her to get it together. It's a wonder she even survived the journey with how stupid she would act sometimes.
I also wasn't really a fan of the possible love story/triangle thing. One was a case of insta-love that I just didn't really buy. The other love interest grew on me, but Lark's treatment of him was so hot and cold. All over the place. Even at the end where you're pretty sure they like each other, he does something and Lark is disgusted by it and him. If the author is trying to build a relationship for Lark, it's just turning out more weird than sweet.
I only thought Skylark was okay. It didn't turn out as good as I was hoping. The confusing world, weird mix of genres, an annoying main character, and a lukewarm love story really hampered my enjoyment. There were a couple of twists, turns, and revelations that made me semi-interested to see what happens next. I already have the second book in the series, so I do plan on reading it. Skylark is nothing like the epicness of These Broken Stars which was a tad disappointing. 
Confusing world, annoying main character, and a lot of random magic.

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