Monday, October 17, 2016

Review: A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

Title: A Kiss In Time
Author: Alex Flinn
Published by: Harper TEEN
Released: 2009
Source: Library

Summary: Talia has lived her whole 15 years in the company of guardians and guards. She has never been able to make friends, travel, or feel the first sweet pangs of love, all because of a curse put on her at birth by a witch named Malrolia. A curse that said Talia was destined on her 16th birthday to touch a spindle and die, but was quickly revised to falling into a deep sleep until awakened by her true love's first kiss.
Jack is on a forced European journey that he's really not enjoying too much. On an attempt to sneak away from the tour group with endless museums and an annoying tour guide, Jack and his friend Travis try to find a beach in Belgium, but end up in the kingdom of Euphrasia, a place lost in time and trapped by a curse. Upon exploring the town, the boys discover all the residents in a deep sleep and a magnificent castle. In the castle, Jack spies a beautiful girl, and with one fateful kiss, the curse is broken!
Now, Jack either has the choice of taking princess Talia to Miami, or being trapped in the dungeon for defiling the king's daughter. Is it possible for these two characters to love each other? A very clever and witty retelling of Sleeping Beauty.
My Thoughts: Loved it! Such a cute, witty book filled with funny banter between the two main characters. I loved the humor that was infused in this book and Alex Flinn's lovely writing style. This story is a great retelling of Sleeping Beauty. 
I loved how Alex Flinn portrayed the characters of Talia and Jack, how they acted like true, believable teenagers who just happened to be part of a magical destiny. I really liked how Talia was introduced and reacted to the wonders of technology and the fashion choices of 21st century women. 
This book was just so cute and funny. I loved the believable way that the characters grew and developed throughout the story, and how they really came to care for each other. No insta-love in this story.
The only negative, if it could even really be called a negative, is some parts of the story seemed far-fetched and magical. Just the idea of this magic still existing in the 21st century world and the eventual ending up of Euphrasia. Although, it should be remembered that this is a fairy tale retelling, so that magic and make believe does have to be incorporated in some way. I guess what I'm trying to say is the mash-up of fairytale and current world, if that makes sense.
Just a great story and I highly anticipate reading some more works by Alex Flinn. This book showcased her great characterization, writing style, and A+ sense of humor.  I would recommend this to any lover of fairytales, magic, and true love. A light, fluffy, irresistible read.
A Magical Time

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