Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review of Demon Angel By: Meljean Brook

Adult Book on the Horizon!
Title: Demon Angel
Author: Meljean Brook
Published By: The Berkley Publishing Group by Penguin Group
Released: 2007
Summary: The year is 1217 and a knight named Hugh is heading for his lady's castle. Along the way, a disturbance occurs and Hugh goes to investigate, entering into an abandoned building. This becomes the first encounter of many with the halfling demon Lilith. Lilith's role in life is to tempt humans into sins or into committing suicide in order to gain souls for her father Lucifer. Lilith tempts Hugh, but Lilith also feels something for Hugh. Hugh makes a mistake and is killed for it, but at the last second is transformed into a Guardian. Fast forward to 2007, San Francisco. Hugh has killed Lilith and has fallen from his role as Guardian. He now teaches at a college, then his students start to disappear and Hugh is the main suspect. He is interviewed by detectives and an Agent Milton who turns out to be Lilith. Lilith has made a bargain with Lucifer to kill Hugh in order to save her soul from eternal damnation. Lilith and Hugh's relationship swerves to the romantic and they must find a way to foil Lucifer and save themselves.
My Thoughts: This was a very strange book. It wasn't my favorite thing on Earth to read. It was almost like filler, it was there and so I read it.
One problem I had with the book was that the world of Guardians and demons wasn't fully explained. There were just surface details given, and I as a reader didn't really understand the world I was in.
I also disliked Part 1 of the book. It jumped around in years to different events and I was just confused by it all.
The characters also weren't my favorite. I just felt a sense of apathy for Hugh and Lilith. Their relationship was also very strange. They were a little too sexual for my tastes. I just didn't really like them.
Another thing I had trouble with was that I didn't understand a lot of the rituals or plans the characters embarked in. I just felt that things weren't explained well enough to make sense.
This is just a trivial thing, but I also didn't like the magical cache of objects that Lilith would root through when she needed a weapon. It would've been much more cool to just have her weapon materialize and leave it at that.
This book had potential, but I felt it never really lived up to it. The world and characters could've been cool, but it just never happened, maybe because of the weird writing style. All this is just my opinion, so I strongly encourage you to read it for yourself.

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