Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review of Green-Eyed Envy: A Shades of Fury Novel BY: Kasey Mackenzie

Title: Green-Eyed Fury: A Shades of Fury Novel
Author: Kasey Mackenzie
Published By: The Berkley Publishing Group, By Penguin Group. An Ace Book
Released: July 2011
Summary: Marissa Holloway is back in full Fury form! She's had a couple of months to relax since her last adventure. Marissa's been promoted to Chief Magical Investigator of Boston, things are going well in her love life with Warhound Scott Murphy, and she's been able to reconnect with her mother and just discovered younger brother. Riss's peace is shattered when a killer targets the Bastai, an arcane race that shapeshift into cats. Three cats have been murdered so far and the only connection they have in common is that they had all previously been in a relationship with FBI Agent and new friend of Riss, Harper Cruz. Riss must uncover who the serial killer is as Harper gets ready to embark on an cross-species marriage to Penn Banoub, a union of Hound and Cat. Riss is also worried about her own hound who had a brief fling with Harper. Riss must uncover the truth and help those she loves before it becomes too late.
My Thoughts: I loved the first book in this series, Red Hot Fury and Green-Eyed Envy didn't quite live up to the greatness of the first. I still liked the book. Riss is still a kick-butt, no nonsense heroine. The immersion of Egyptian mythology of the Bastai and Hounds of Anubis was super interesting. And, my favorite Warhound Scott Murphy was there to protect his lady fury and still be his most dashing self.
Kasey Mackenzie is a darn good writer. Her world building and character development are very skilled and her stories are always fast paced and compulsively readable. Mackenzie also excels at the who-done-it aspect. The reader is never quite sure until the last couple chapters.
My only issue with the book was that there were too many things going on. There was the hunt for a serial killer and something involving Fury politics causing Riss's relatives to go into hiding. I would have liked it better if just the serial killer aspect was focused on and had the Fury politics beginnings saved for the next book.
Green-Eyed Envy was good, but just not as great as the first book. I could have had too high of expectations. I definitely say go pick up Red Hot Fury because it is fantastic and also continue reading the series. Mackenzie is a great writer and it's fun to be immersed in the world she has created.

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