Monday, December 7, 2015

Review: Reawakened (Reawakened #1) by Colleen Houck

Title: Reawakened (Reawakened #1)
Author: Colleen Houck
Published by: Delacorte Press
Released: August 2015

Summary: Lilliana Young leads a sheltered and privileged life. She gets the best grades, wears the best clothes, and lives in a fancy penthouse. Her parents expect her to act according to her station and live a life that won't embarrass them. Lily is mostly fine with these expectations. She never knew she wanted a grand adventure until the day she witnesses a mummy coming to life at the museum. The mummy's name is Amon and he has been charged with keeping the world safe from the god of chaos, Seth. But this raising is different from Amon's others, he's missing something vital, something only Lily can provide. Lily is whisked away with Amon in an ultimate quest to keep the world safe for the next 1,000 years.
My Thoughts: I was pretty excited to see this new release on my library's shelf. I'd heard the buzz about Reawakened on GoodReads, and was excited to read something by Colleen Houck. And the book is just beautiful to look at. It has a fantastic cover design and carries on those beautiful design elements in the inside as well. So, I was pumped to love this book, then I started reading it, reality hit, and I figured out that I didn't like the story inside at all. I pretty much didn't like the story from page one. It was very disappointing because I wanted to like it, but for reasons I will explain, I just couldn't. Now, I'm a little scared to read other books by Colleen Houck because I'm afraid I won't like them either.
The very first and most important reason I didn't like this book was because of the main character Lilliana Young. Boy was she awful. From the first page, it was pretty evident that she was a snob who thought a whole lot of herself. She was rich, she only wore the nicest clothes, and she had a tendency to look down on people she thought were beneath her. For example, in the first chapter she sees a cute boy, then glances at his hair and clothes and dismisses him as not worth her time. Lily is also a bit of a loner, but she can really only blame that on herself. I mean, she even looks down on people within her own circle. When Lily is making fun of her "friends" while eating lunch with them, I just thought she was mean. I need to be given a reason to think people are awful and while I couldn't see that reason for her friends, I could definitely see it for Lily.
Even when Lily is swept away with Amon, I still couldn't stand her. Her sense of self-importance is still going strong and it's funny because the only real reason she's brought along is because she's the first human Amon encounters (more on that bit later). She also made all these stupid references to Amon that he wouldn't understand. He's been mummified for 1,000 years, he's not gonna have any idea who Indiana Jones or Sigmund Freud is. Just stop Lily, I need you to stop.
Now as for Amon, while I didn't hate him as much as Lily, I didn't really like him that much either. He's kind of a dull, robotic character. I was in no danger of having a book boy crush on him. I mean, his first real strike was attaching himself like a human parasite to Lily. He was literally living off her life energy. She wasn't special, she was just the first human he saw. I just didn't think that was a very noble or chivalrous thing to do. And I mean Lily was an idiot for not being more angry about the fact he was using her like that.
My last main problem with the book was the romance. Ughh, just ughh. I mean, here's Lily throwing herself at Amon, he's obviously not interested, but she just won't give up. She's not lacking in self-confidence, because she says all the time how pretty she is. But I mean, if Amon doesn't want to kiss you, then just accept it, and don't keep trying or making innuendos. I just didn't feel the romantic spark, all I really felt were Lily's neediness and delusions. I mean, it could be argued that romance happened at the end, but by the time it got there, I was so over it.  And how is a romance realistically going to happen when he preforms this ceremony and is then mummified for another 1,000 years? Just dumb, really dumb.
Also, I felt the pace of this book was kind of slow. It seemed to take forever for Amon to find his brothers and wake them. I'm not sure I even care to see where this series goes next.
So, I did not like this book at all. It was a struggle for me to get through. Lily is one of the most annoying, self-important, stupid characters that I've read in a while. I feel no connection to her and could care less whether she winds up happy. The romance was bleh, not buying it. Any guy that's using your life energy without asking is not a guy to swoon over. I am not a fan of this tale. If you like this book, just know I'm not putting you down for it. Everyone has their own opinion and different books speak to different people. These are my honest thoughts and my honest review.

Nope, not for me.

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