Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: ACID by Emma Pass

Title: ACID
Author: Emma Pass
Published by: Delacorte Press
Released: 2013
Summary: Welcome to the Independent Republic of Britain. The year is 2113 and Jenna Strong is sitting in a maximum security prison. She was convicted of murdering her parents. The Britain she lives in is ruled by ACID (Agency for Crime Investigation and Defense). Britain is a police state where ACID knows all and is swift with punishment. ACID picks out your job, your life partner, and your reading material. There are some people that want ACID brought down. 
Jenna has no hope of ever getting out of prison and has learned to survive and protect herself from other inmates. Then a mysterious rebel group breaks her out and sets her up with a new identity. Jenna has no idea why. Through her freedom, Jenna finds a new purpose for life, and that's to bring ACID down.
My Thoughts: This was fantastic! From the first page, I realized it was gonna be my kind of book. It had this 1984 George Orwell feel, which I loved. ACID was very much like Big Brother, in that they controlled what you read, saw, and pretty much every other aspect of these characters' lives. I liked that there was an explanation/cause for why the world was like this. In most dystopian books, they just throw you into a situation without very much explanation. This dystopian had a believable reason as to why the world behaved the way it did. This story was a major win for me and I can't wait to check out more by this author.
I really enjoyed experiencing Jenna's story. She was an interesting character to follow. I liked that she could take care of herself and thought before she acted. Even though she went through so many changes, I never got confused or lost. Jenna always stayed a constant. I was always interested in her story. I was also a fan of her romance. The romance never took over the story, but was a welcome addition to it.
ACID was really fun and fast-paced. Some of the revelations I saw coming, but it didn't draw away from my enjoyment.
There were a couple of loose ends that never got tied up. I don't know if those issues will ever be addressed in a possible future, but I was still happy with how everything ended.
I'm so glad I read this book. I enjoyed it so much. It kept me entertained and racing from one page to the next. I'm definitely going to check out more books by Emma Pass. ACID is a book I definitely recommend. So fun.
Such An Awesome Read!!

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