Thursday, November 5, 2015

Review: Revelations (Renegade #2) by J.A. Souders

Title: Revelations (Renegade #2)
Author: J.A. Souders
Published by: TOR Teen
Released: 2013

Summary: Everything was supposed to be better when Evie and Gavin escaped Elysium. Now living topside, in Gavin's world, Evie is safe and loved, but she doesn't feel right. Evie has lost all her memories and feels a strange pull to the sea. With Evie experiencing blackouts and bouts of sleep walking, Gavin is scared that Evie will hurt herself or others. Gavin decides to take her to Rushlake City for a cure, but when the cure turns out to be more complicated than Gavin realizes, can he take the chance of losing Evie?
My Thoughts: I did not enjoy reading this book. In parts, I think it was because of problems I had with the story and being in a bit of a reading slump. I really felt like I had to force myself to pick it up. I really enjoyed the first book in the series, Renegade. I loved the world building that Souders did in it, creating this fantastical and dangerous underwater world of Elysium. I also loved the love story between Gavin and Evie. I don't know what happened in Revelations, it just fell really flat for me.
I had forgotten that Evie had gotten amnesia at the end of the first book, so her amnesia came as a bit of a surprise for me. I really didn't enjoy the amnesia element, it made Evie into an annoying and useless character.
I had problems with Evie throughout this story. She was annoying, whiny, and just a very different character from the first book. Reading from her perspective was just tiring and not fun. So, I was a definite fan of the dual narration. I liked reading from Gavin's POV much more than Evie's. And Hallelujah! He remembered everything that happened in the first book.
I also wished for more world building and explanation for the top side world. With such great world building in the first book, not having it in the second was a disappointment. I also found the overall story a little lacking. It was kind of slow and tedious. I didn't really understand this rush to get to Rushlake City and then the decisions made after that.
Revelations just felt like a boring, filler, second book in a trilogy. It wasn't really needed. I also didn't really understand the addition of Asher to the cast. I wasn't sure what he was there for.
This probably seems like a very negative review and I'm sorry for that. I really didn't hate Revelations, I just didn't enjoy it very much. The ending was mildly interesting enough for me to want to pick up the third book. Not my favorite book of the year.
Also, what's the deal with the third book not being released until 2016? I'm going to have forgotten everything by that point. I mean, first book published 2012, second book published 2013, and then we have to wait three years for the last book. That makes no sense to me. Rant over.

Suffering from Second Book Syndrome.

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