Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: I Am Not A Serial Killer By Dan Wells

I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver, #1)
Title: I Am Not A Serial Killer
Author: Dan Wells
Published By: Tom Dohetry Associates, LLC: A TOR Book
Released: 2010
Summary:  John Wayne Cleaver is 15 and convinced that one day he will turn into a killer. He's been diagnosed as a sociopath who is unable to feel empathy, sees a therapist every Thursday, and helps out at the mortuary his mother and aunt run. John is obsessed with serial killers and has developed  his own strict set of rules he follows to prevent himself from following in their killing footsteps. Then Clayton County is hit with its very own serial killer. Big strong men are turning up viciously slashed and dead. John decides it's his duty to find and kill this killer without letting his own sick monster out of the cage.
My Thoughts: I'm in a state of shock. This book was compulsively readable and also extremely disturbing. John Wayne Cleaver is a kid I felt sorry for, but at the same time scared me to no end. This book is very creepy, suspenseful, and not for the faint of heart. The golden nugget of this book is that you're not sure how to view these characters. At times, I felt really bad for John and the killer, but at other times their thoughts and actions really disturbed me.
As a debut novel for Dan Wells, it was a winner. His writing style and characterization are top notch. His story really makes the reader question the things that differentiate between good and bad people, thoughts and actions, and what makes a man a monster.
Dan Wells has delivered in this book a wonderfully creepy teen of John Wayne Cleaver. I'm curious as to what happens next, but at the same time terrified. If John Wayne Cleaver ever gives you a compliment, turn and run the other way.
John Wayne Cleaver is one creepy kid.

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