Monday, July 9, 2012

Review of: Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Tunnels (Tunnels, #1)
Title: Tunnels
Authors: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Published by: Chicken House imprint of Scholastic Inc.
Released: 2008

Summary: Will Burrows leads an odd life. His mother has abandoned her family for the television, his little sister makes sure the bills are paid and food is on the table, and his father is on the lookout for fame and fortune through an archaeological discovery. Will feels closest to his father and one thing he loves doing with him is digging tunnels deep into the ground. Will shares his love of digging with his only friend Chester. One day, Will's dad disappears and odd dark hatted and sun-glassed men begin to appear. Will enlists the help of his friend Chester in the search for his father, but what the two boys find is a world different from anything they have ever known.
My Thoughts: This book was something else. I liked it, but the world terrified me. The concept of the story is very interesting and the descriptions were very vivid. This book just brought to mind a dreary, depressing place and a hopelessness mixed with a real sense of claustrophobia. While reading this, I was so grateful to be able to look outside and see the sun and sky. The characters of Will and Chester were solid and very believable. I really liked Dr. Burrows and his museum. His befuddled, scholarly character was my favorite of the story.
The authors were also very good at putting in twists and turns that I never saw coming.
I did like this story, but the world it introduced was terrifying. There's a profound sense of hopelessness within the story and the fates of Will and Chester are very dreary. The book was good, but it's not recommended for the faint of heart.
Embrace the sun while you can.

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