Monday, June 1, 2015

Review: Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky Book #1) by Veronica Rossi

Title: Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky #1)
Author: Veronica Rossi
Published by: HARPER
Released: 2012
Summary: Aria and Perry come from two different worlds. Aria is a Dweller who has spent her life in the Pods. She has spent her life zapping through Realms, interactive, virtual spaces.
Perry has spent his life under the Never Sky. A harsh world plagued by Aether storms and where every day is a struggle to survive.
Aria, worried about her mother, tries to make contact with her, but ends up getting thrown out of the only home she's ever known. She's sure she'll die in the wilderness.
Things go wrong for Perry after his nephew is kidnapped by the Pod dwellers. Determined to get him back, Perry journeys across the wilderness.
When Perry and Aria meet, they each have something the other needs. They must team up to survive and maybe become a little something more on the way.
My Thoughts: I liked this book. It was one that grew on me as I kept reading. It took me about 50 pages to really get into the story. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the story. The dangerous beauty of the world. I really liked most of the characters too. Perry was a great one from the start and I grew to like Aria as the story went on.
I did feel like the beginning of the story could have been better. I kind of felt thrown in to a world I didn't really understand. I don't think Aria's world was as well explained as it could have been. In contrast to that, I though Perry's world was very atmospheric and explained. Perry's world was more intense to be a part of. The mutations bit was really cool too. Maybe a little weird with the senses, but still really interesting to read about.
I did kind of guess that there was going to be more to Aria then we first saw. I was still surprised by some of the revelations, but I did kind of expect that she was going to be someone different than she thought she was.
I was also surprised by some of the brutalness in this book. Specifically a scene involving Perry, I wasn't expecting that.
This was a good first book in a series and I'm excited to read more, to see where everything goes. For those of you wanting a really cool, brutal world and characters you come to root for, this might be the story for you.
Nothing more beautiful then being Under a Never Sky.

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