Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Random Wednesday: You Should Watch This!

I know, I know, Wednesday is supposed to be Top 5 Wednesday, which is the topic of Top 5 Books You Will Never Read. I didn't have anything to contribute to this topic, because I never say never to reading a book. Sure, I might regret having read it, but I like to give all books their fair chance and fair shot. The only books that I probably would never read are books in a series where I absolutely despised the first book, or if the series has just petered off on my interest level. Like the series has dragged on forever, or is just generally mediocre.
But I still wanted to post something this Wednesday, and as I was watching TV, I knew what I had to do! Well, what I wanted to do. I love TV. I love finding great shows, funny shows, shows that are just so weird I can't stop watching. So I thought I'd recommend some shows! Maybe this will become a regular thing, maybe not, who knows. It all really depends on how lazy I am.

Stranger Things on Netflix (Season 1 Episodes Streaming)

This pick isn't the most original, just because everybody and their mother has been talking it, but it's just soooo GOOD! It's this weird mix of the 1980's, family, friendship, powers, monsters, and mystery. All these separate parts come together and just mix so well. Once I started watching, I was hooked. One of the many great things about Netflix is that you can just binge watch a whole season in a day, week, whatever you want. I'm still thinking about writing a full review on this. Again, I have to get un-lazy for that to happen. I'm eagerly anticipating a Season 2, because I have so many questions left to be answered!
Bottom line: Just watch it. It's so good.

Better Late Than Never on NBC (Tuesday's at 10:00 EST)
** I don't know how many episodes this will be or if it will be happening again. So I'll date this as it premiered on August 23, 2016**

I'm glad I stuck around on NBC after America's Got Talent ended for the night, because this show just makes me laugh. The premise is four famous old guys (and sidekick) traveling around Asia and just having fun. There is William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, and sidekick Jeff Dye. They are ridiculous and amusing, I love it. It just really makes me laugh. Terry Bradshaw is crazy and hilarious, Jeff is pretty funny, Henry Winkler has a great sense of humor, George Foreman likes his sleep and is quieter than the rest, and William Shatner continues to wonder how he got stuck with these idiots.
Bottom Line: Watch it if you want a good laugh. If you're one of those people that have no sense of humor, don't watch it, because it's not the show for you. If you're one of those people that thinks all Americans' are stupid, you won't like it. Anyone who has a good sense of humor and likes to laugh, you'll like it. I like it.

So that's it for this Random Wednesday of Shows I Think You Should Watch. What would you recommend for me to watch?

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