Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reading Right Now! The Sixes By Kate White

The Sixes
Title: The Sixes
Author: Kate White

I just started this book. I am on page 7 of 384 which makes me a whopping 2% done!!! :O

I've had this book out from the library for quite awhile, so I figured I should read it so I can finally return it. From what I can tell, the main character's name is Phoebe. She used to be a star writer of the dirty dealings inside Hollywood but she was accused of plagiarism. Her publishers are trying to distance themselves and her agent (or somebody) suggests she go somewhere to lay low for awhile. Phoebe ends up at a college in Pennsylvania teaching a couple classes on non-fiction writing.
This book is categorized as a thriller. I think some people go missing and then this mean, secret society of girls come into play. I don't know. Sounds interesting. Sometimes I get a tad YA weary and go for an adult thriller or mystery.
So yeah, not much to say because I haven't read much of it. Pretty cover though. A little creepy and a lot purple :D

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