Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: In Office Hours by Lucy Kellaway

Title: In Office Hours
Author: Lucy Kellaway
Published by: Grand Central Publishing
Released: 2011
Source: Library

Summary: Stella and Bella both work at one of England's largest oil companies, Atlantic Energy. Stella is a forty something head of Economics at AE. She's married, with two kids, and a severe workaholic. When she's assigned a new trainee named Rhys, she embarks on a passionate affair that could just ruin her life.
Bella is a twenty something Personal Assistant and single mother, who falls for her new, married boss. She embarks on a passionate affair with him that has the chance of ending badly for her. 
In Office Hours is an interesting tale of office relationships, rises, falls, and consequences.
My Thoughts: A very enjoyable, no stress read, that involves affairs in the office. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone who wants a light, quick read about scandals in the office.
I really enjoyed the switches in perspective of Stella and Bella. It added a sort of quickness to the novel. I also really enjoyed getting to know the characters and entering their heads. While I didn't agree to all the decisions Stella and Bella made in the novel, I highly enjoyed hearing their stories.
The beginning and ends of Stella and Bella's affairs were nicely done. I'm glad it had a beginning and end, and I liked being privy to their stories.
I felt all the characters, with the exception of one, were well fleshed out, and helped me to understand where they were coming form. The only character whose overall intentions and goals weren't clear to me was Rhys. What attracted him to Stella? I'm still confused.
Just a fun, quick read that I enjoyed immensely.

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