Thursday, November 10, 2016

Update: Days 1-3 of #BorrowAThon

I wish I could say I've read a crazy amount, that I've finished at least 2 books, but I can't. Going into this readathon, I knew I probably wouldn't do that well. I joined because it just looked fun. Am I disappointed, no. But #BorrowAThon isn't over yet! I still have time to impress myself. Anyway, here's my update on the first 3 days.

Days 1-3 Have All Been Spent On This Book!

The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories
Edited by Martin Harry Greenberg, Richard Matheson, and Charles G. Waugh

Day 1-- Day 1 was my worst day, I only read 15 pages.
Day 2-- Day 2 has been my best day so far, I read 81 pages. The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories is an anthology/collection of short stories that episodes of the show were based on, and I enjoyed most of what I read on Day 2. This Anthology has just been a lot of fun so far.
Day 3-- Day 3 was just eehh. It was a weird day over all. It was the day after Election Day 2016 in America, and there was just this weird vibe everywhere. It's weird when a country is divided, so half of it is happy about who won, and the other half is acting like they are attending a funeral. I also think I could be getting sick/a cold, so I just didn't pick up my book that often to read. I read 37 pages on Day 3 and finished a short story that I had started on Day 2. It was good, pretty predictable, but I did like it.

This anthology clocks in at about 550 pages, and I'm getting close to having that 100 pages left to read mark. (I did start this before #BorrowAThon started, which is why I'm a good chunk of the way into it) So far, this anthology is going to get a good rating from me. It's very easy to read, which I like. I read for entertainment, so if it entertains me, I like it. Some people might argue that it's not the greatest bit of literary fiction, but who cares what they say. The Twilight Zone TV show is also very fun. For a show made in the 1960's, I think it still holds up. It's kind of amazing what they were able to do with the kind of technology that they had. If you have Netflix, you can watch a bunch of the original episodes.

So that's it for this Update on #BorrowAThon. We'll see how I do the rest of the week. I'm planning on posting a wrap-up detailing all my progress (or lack-there-of) when it has ended.

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