Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Random Tuesday: What Did I Think of Black Sails Season 2 (maybe SPOILERS)

I have already told of my love of pirates. Especially pirates that operated during the Golden Age of Piracy. I really enjoy that romanticized aspect of men chasing freedom on the water and obtaining treasure. That is part of the reason that I wanted to check out this series in the first place. The other reason was for the actor that plays Captain Vane. He showed up in The 100 as Prince of Ice Nation, Roan, and I loved him so much.
In the review of Season 1, I was kind of meh about the show. It didn't romanticize pirates at all. They were very mean in Season 1. It was also very political in Season 1, which wasn't what I wanted either. So, one would think that I wouldn't continue watching the show, but I'm one of those people that has to continue once I start something. So I got Season 2 from the library.

A Summary of My Thoughts Regarding Season 2

I don't hate the show, but I don't love it either. The same problems I had with Season 1, I pretty much had with Season 2.
I like the romanticized version of the Golden Age of Piracy. I mean, I'm not dumb, I know the pirates were not nice guys. They were killers. They plundered, they scared, the killed, and they whored. I wouldn't want to meet with a real life pirate, they aren't good guys, but I like that pretend version that I've come to expect through movies and television.
This Season was very heavy into political dealings which I was just meh about.
I wasn't a fan of all the sex and nudity. It just seemed excessive to me mostly, it wasn't about furthering any story. Call me a prude if you wish, I don't care.
I also wasn't a fan of how every storyline seemed to revolve around many of the main characters' sexuality. I know that's an unpopular opinion. I know it's not the politically correct thing to say, but that's how I felt while watching it.

They did introduce (for just a short while) a very brutal villain. And as much as I was repelled by him, he was also interesting to watch. He's the definition of a bloodthirsty pirate for sure.
Ned Low is Scary!

I do have some favorite characters, or characters I enjoy seeing. They would be Captain Vane, Jack Rackham, Billy Bones, and Anne Bonny.

I have characters I'm not sure about, namely Mr. John Silver. I like how he's always out to protect himself, further his own interests, but I don't know if I'm drawn to him.

I'm also not sure how I feel of Captain Flint. All last Season he was focused on the gold, and then this Season, he just kind of forgets about it. I don't know. I also didn't really like his storyline this season.

The character I really have no love for is Eleanor. She reminds me of another character I don't like, Lexa from The 100. She's slightly unemotional and robotic, and all she cares about is becoming Queen Trader of the Island. I also don't like how she's so fickle in her relationships. She treats Captain Vane badly. From the first episode, I was hoping for a sweet love story between them, but then reality set in very quickly. I just don't like Eleanor.

One of my favorite things about the show is how it uses actual Pirates of history as characters. Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Charles Vane -- They were all real people. The thing that irks me about the show, especially when I watched the Special Features of Season 2, is how it tells you NOTHING about these actual historical figures. In the Season 2 Special Features, they had a little segment titled something like pirates of history or bringing pirate history to life, I can't remember exactly what it said. But I was excited, because I was expecting to hear about the exploits of Jack Rackham. How his pirate flag is one of the most famous and recognized. How he had Mary Read and Anne Bonny (two of the most famous women pirates) on his crew. How he was hanged for piracy and how nobody really knows what happened to Anne Bonny in the end. Even Charles Vane had a really fascinating history. His crew mutinied and abandoned him on an island. He was lucky enough to find a passing ship and disguise his identity, only to have someone recognize him. He died by hanging too. That history is just so fascinating to me. But that Special Feature on the dvd mentioned none of that. You've got all that cool history just waiting to be told, and you don't use it. Obviously, from my long rant, you can tell it irritated me.
So, I'm just kind of meh about the show overall. Will I probably check out the 3rd Season? Yeah, but I won't buy it. I'll check it out from the library when I'm able. I guess if I want that fun, romanticized Golden Age of Piracy version, I'll have to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I do love Jack Sparrow. 
So those were my thoughts. Have you watched this show? What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments below.

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