Friday, June 24, 2016

Reading Right Now! (71)

Title: No One Else Can Have You
Author: Kathleen Hale
I'm only about 25 pages through this, so I really have just dipped my toe in it. Just started it is what I'm trying to say if you didn't get the toe thing

So, I just started this and I don't know how to feel about it yet. I'm trying to go into this book with an open mind. I'm trying to forget that the author went semi-crazy over a bad review and ended up stalking the reviewer. I like to think that I can separate the author from their work. I don't want my feelings for the author to skew how I think of the book. But I'm sure some of my feelings for the author weasel in to how I'm thinking of this book.  But I want to give the book its fair shake. Do you get me? Do you get me?
So a very brief summary is: Kippy Bushman's best friend has just been found murdered in a field. Kippy is having to reconcile with the death of her best friend, and she's also finding out secrets about her friend. I think it's going to end up that she has to find the killer. Kind of a YA thriller/murder mystery kind of thing. I like those kinds of books.
So first 25 pages, I'm on the fence. It's got that whole tragedy trying to mix with funny, that so far has ended up kind of awkward. Like the awkward stand up comics hate, when none of their jokes hit. I can also sense a little bit of pretentiousness from Kippy (via the author I assume). About small towns being the worst places ever to live, how you just can't wait to leave them. Maybe go to an Ivy League school and leave those country bumpkins in the dust. Umm maybe a little bit of shade thrown at people who have a more Conservative mindset. And the old standby of making fun of the Christians, cause they are soooo annoying. In case you missed it, I incorporated some heavy sarcasm in some parts. All I can say is, the killer better not end up as a Conservative, religious member of the community, because I get so tired of that often used trope. I myself love small towns, am not embarrassed of my Conservative values, and am a proud Christian. So I'm not the most sure if this book and I are going to gel, but we'll see what happens. Don't judge it until you read it. That's the motto I want to live by when it comes to books. I also have the sequel, so I'll probably read that not too long after reading this one.

After that, I might pick up
Title: The Girl At Midnight (#1)
By: Melissa Grey
I want to stick to my purple theme here. Make it my power color or something.

I really know next to nothing about this one. Sounds like it has some strange creatures in it. It looks interesting though.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading? If you've read any of the books I mentioned, what did you think of them? Do you try to separate author from book too? Or if the author does something so repulsive, do you not even try to read their works? Have a great weekend!

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