Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: The 100: Homecoming (The 100 #3) by Kass Morgan

Title: The 100: Homecoming (The 100 #3)
Author: Kass Morgan
Published by: Little, Brown and Company
Released: 2015
Source: Library

Summary: The dropships from the rest of the Arc are on their way to Earth. Unfortunately, not everyone made it onto a dropship. At first, The 100 are excited and overwhelmed by the new company. Turmoil then rears its ugly head. Some people want the rules that governed the Arc to be the rules that govern the Ground. How will everyone live peacefully together on this place they can finally call home? The drama isn't over yet for Wells, Clarke, Bellamy, Glass, and Luke.
My Thoughts: As always, I love The 100 anything! I started reading this just after the Season 3 finale of the show, which could have had some impact on my thoughts. I've been in a weird mood since the show ended. I have this sense of loss. I also have nothing to look forward to watching on Thursday nights. Is anyone in the same boat as me? (Funny enough, this review was written awhile ago, and Season 4 of The 100 is now airing, so I'm not as sad. I get to watch The 100 again!!!)
Season 3 of The 100 was just a meh season for me, and that's kind of the same way I feel about the book. I think I liked the first two a little more. There were still some good shocks and surprises with this one, but the first two were just more exciting.
The whole novel takes place on Earth. We've got interactions between the Earthborns and the Spaceborns. We also get a new villain in Vice Chancellor Rhodes. He wants the space rules to apply to the Ground, which means people can't live free, and can get into trouble for dumb things. Rhodes got on my nerves, especially when he tried to hurt a certain someone.
There were definitely a few shocking scenes in this installment. One that I didn't see coming at all and feel kind of sad about.
I think I missed space. All the craziness that happened up there in the previous books. I really did enjoy that aspect of the story. I also missed the flashbacks. Homecoming really only had a few flashbacks and they were all very short.
Things got wrapped up very quickly in the end, again. Maybe that's why I wasn't that worried during any of the battles. I had a feeling that most everyone would get out okay. I also wasn't happy with how the ships/Jaha story wrapped up.
All in all, this was just an average read. It wasn't my favorite of the series. It had some shocking and unexpected bits that I enjoyed. I am excited to learn there will be a fourth book to the series. Can't wait to see where that goes.
Danger Danger Everywhere!

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