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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 4, Episode 1 -Echoes- (SPOILERS!!)

It's back! It's back! Yippee Yippee Yay!! The wait for this new season has been so long, so excruciatingly long! I'm so excited it's back!

So, this picks right back up from the Season 3 finale. Clarke now has the unfortunate news that nuclear radiation will kill everybody in 6 months, and that kind of seems like an impossible thing to save everybody from. I mean, she's still determined to save everybody, but it's kind of a long shot at the moment. Her main plan is to get King Roan to help her. Yes he's alive! Yayy he's alive!
She needs King Roan, because there are a whole bunch of angry Ice Nation soldiers and an old friend, turned foe, turned I'm not sure what she is now, named Echo. 
So, let's see where I want to go with this...

I'm not sure how I feel about Clarke at the moment. During the majority of last season, she really irritated me, and I got a little bit of that same feeling in this episode.
The main problem I have with Clarke is this idea she has that she always has to be in charge, that it always falls on her to "save her people". She's got a hero-complex. If any of you are Harry Potter nerds like me, you might remember in one of the books (I think it was the 5th) where Hermione made a comment to Harry about his need to always be the savior, and how most times he just acts without thinking things through. I think Clarke has that problem.
I'm also not the biggest fan of her being the "main" lead in the show. I think this show works so much better when it's the characters working together as a group. Each character is important to the overall story, and they shouldn't always have to bow down and do whatever it is Clarke wants to do. This is just a me opinion thing, but I'm really not the biggest fan of just Clarke.

Clarke and Bellamy!
Reunited and it feels so good.

I am excited to see Clarke and Bellamy being a team again. They work so well together. I hope it continues.
Now, I used to ship Bellarke a lot, but I've realized that I care more about Bellamy Blake's happiness than I do Clarke. I just want him to be happy.


I'm so glad Roan is alive!! Although, he did revive rather conveniently. He was one of my favorite characters from Season 3, so I hope he stays as an ally. I love his and Clarke's interactions, because of the banter. I hope Roan stays alive, because he is one of my favorites.


I'm not sure how I feel about Echo. She seemed kind of conniving in this episode, how she had King Roan's ear, and was trying to tell him what to do without out right ordering him. She kind of reminded me of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin. I don't know how to feel about her yet. Maybe that's because we never really knew that much about her character. In Season 2, she helped Bellamy escape because it in turn helped her get out. And in Season 3, she betrayed the Skaikru and let Mount Weather be blown to bits. Is she a super ruthless Ice Nation soldier? Or is she someone who can be considered a friend to our characters? I'm not sure. Some people have started a ship for Bellamy and Echo, and I'm not there yet. I don't trust her.

I'm excited to see Octavia's story this season, as well as a little sad. Lincoln's death was so brutal and really sent her over the edge. I think it's going to be cool seeing a ruthless Octavia, but I don't want her to go so dark that she can't come back. I hope she remembers that she'll always have a place with Bellamy and The 100. I really do wonder who her father is, and Bellamy's father. I think it would be cool for Kane to be one of their fathers.

Raven and Gang at Arkadia

Raven and the gang are still at Arkadia and they are fine. Raven confirms what ALIE told Clarke about imminent nuclear disaster, and she shares it with the rest of the gang. Also, Raven's got like a super brain now because of ALIE. Hopefully that super brain will help her save the world.
Harper and Monty still have their relationship thing going on, I'm still not sure I'm a fan. It just seems so random. I know, I know, some people said that relationship started in Season 2 during the bone marrow extractions, where Harper and Monty were caged away from everyone else, but I didn't see it. Monty is a precious child, but I really have no feelings for Harper.  

Jasper... super depresed

Jasper is daaaarrrrkkk still. Super depressed. Doesn't know how to cope. It's sad. When he put that gun to his head, I was a little worried. I mean, I knew he wouldn't do it because of promo pictures from the upcoming season, but still. It's also dark how he's happy about imminent nuclear doom, because that means he doesn't have to expend the energy of killing himself when the world is going to do it for him. I want Jasper to be happy again. I want Monty and him to repair their awesome friendship. I need that friendship.

So those were my rambling thoughts about The 100, Season 4: Episode 1 -Echoes- Hopefully I can get back into the swing of these reviews. 
I'm excited to see where everything goes. I want all my favorites to live. And I want a Season 5. What did you think of the episode? Are you as excited for this Season as I am?
Remember, The 100 comes on Wednesdays, 9:00 pm est on the CW Network. Watch it. Bellamy Blake commands it.

images from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/ and google images

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