Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Wrap-Up 2017!

I slowed down some on my reading in February. I didn't reach the epicness that I managed in January. I didn't read anything I really loved in February. There was one book I liked, two books that were okay, one that I really didn't like, and one that failed to impress me. So, here's what I read.


--The Revolution of Ivy (#2) by Amy Engel-- Rating: 4/5-- This book was one of the only ones I really enjoyed reading this month. By finishing this, I also finished a series, Yayy Me! I think this duology is really fun, and the romance is just destined. This finale wasn't as good as the first book, The Book of Ivy, but it was still pretty good.

--Flying (#1) by Carrie Jones-- Rating: 2.5/5-- This was my least favorite of the month. It had a cool concept of an alien hunting teenager, but it never reached that potential the premise promised. I found the main character to be super annoying and childish. I didn't like her, which is why I didn't end up enjoying the book.

--Y: The Last Man, Volume 9: Motherland by Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Goran Sudzuka, Jose Marzan, Jr.-- Rating: 3.7/5-- This Volume was fine. I really do enjoy this series. I'm excited to almost be finished with the series. I've got one more Volume to go and then I will know all! And hopefully what really did happen to all the men, and if the world can be saved. I hope it ends well.

--The Wild Adventure of Jasper Renn (#3.5) by Kady Cross-- Rating: 3/5-- This is a novella in one of my favorite steampunk series. It follows the adventures of Jasper Renn during the time period of the third book. It's supposed to explain what he was doing while all the other characters were looking for Emily. I thought this novella was pretty pointless to the overall series. It's really not a must to read it, which is how I tend to judge novellas. Should it really even exist? Does it add anything to the overall series? This novella is pretty much just a love fest between Wildcat and Jasper. It's not even a fun love fest, I kind of felt like that awkward third wheel that's been dragged along with a friend and her boyfriend. The characters already knew each other, they'd already been in a relationship before, so all the fun back-and-forth chemistry had already happened. This was just meh.

--The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet (#1) by Becky Chambers-- Rating: 3.2/5-- This was my disappointing read of the month, in that it didn't turn out as awesome as I was expecting. This book is overhyped. It's got some cool characters, but no plot. It took me longer to read it, and I kind of got bored at some points. There were just a bunch of little vignettes, with this crew stopping here and there, but it had no overall driving plot. I was just disappointed. I wanted to love it and I just didn't.

TV Shows, Netflix, and Entertainment

I finished two shows this month and thought I'd talk about them too!

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)

I really enjoyed this adaptation Netflix did of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It covered the first four books (I've only read the first three, I wanted to reread the books before I watched this, but that didn't happen). I really enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. All his costumes and accents were pretty funny. I also really like all his henchmen, or his acting troupe as they liked to be called. I really enjoyed the humor in this adaptation. The kids were all right. I thought the baby who played Sunny was adorable. The older kids were okay, they were a little depressing, but because of the story, they were supposed to be. If and or When Netflix comes out with a Season 2, I will watch it.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 on DVD (from library)

This Season was just craziness. Not so much crazy, intense action, but just really weird characters. Season 2 finds our characters out on the open sea, in a luxury yacht called the Abigail. The yacht seems to be owned by Strand, who Nick met while being held in the confinement center. The sea proves just as dangerous as the land, when it comes to mean people and zombies.
Nick has to be the weirdest character I've watched in awhile. He's just strange. Not necessarily strange in a bad way, strange in a way that I kind of want to keep on watching. The actor who plays Nick is strange too. The DVD included a bunch of extras, one of which was a kind of convention where the actors were on stage being interviewed. The guy that plays Nick shambled on, in this old man looking suit, his hair was all ratty, he looked like he just stepped off the set of the show. He also couldn't sit still. It was so weird to watch him.
The Chris character also had a crazy journey that his dad got dragged along on too. I won't say what happens on that journey, just that it wasn't what I expected.
The Walking Dead is still my favorite when it comes to this universe, but I did enjoy Fear The Walking Dead. I wish I could watch it on Netflix, but I think they made a deal with Hulu, so it only plays on there.

So that was my February 2017. How was yours? Did you read anything good, bad, meh? Did you watch anything good? Let me know!

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