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My Thoughts: Falling Skies Seasons 1-5 (SPOILERS)

So in 2016, I binged a lot of shows thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and by checking out DVDs from my local library. I'm a bit of a TV junkie and am not ashamed. One show that I was interested in seeing was Falling Skies. I thought it had a really intriguing premise. Aliens invade, and they are not friendly! They are determined to wipe out the human race, or use them as mindless slaves, and it's up to the remaining survivors to fight and save the Earth. Sounds super good right?

So What Did I Think Of It???

I Will Elaborate...
Season 1: Season 1 was all right. I was interested in the alien aspect. The enslaved children aspect was pretty tragic. I didn't like the whole military aspect to it, the Second Massachusetts. I don't understand why people struggling to survive, who really have no military experience, would be organized and motivated enough to join up with these militias. All the military jargon just got on my nerves. It felt unneeded and just so annoyingly extra in this world. Unfortunately, the military aspect continues on through the whole series, which is just stupid.
I enjoyed the family aspect of Tom and his boys. Anne was all right. I think the actress that plays her would make a perfect, live-action Pocahontas.
The ending of Season 1 was pretty dumb though. Tom just walking on to this alien ship for a pretty weak reason. He wasn't abducted, he went on it willingly.
Season 1 was all right, it let me with enough curiousity to watch on to the next season. 

Season 2: Season 2 was all right. I really enjoyed the whole rebellion aspect of rebel Skitters fighting with the Second Mass. That Red Face Painted Skitter was one cool alien. I again liked that family aspect of the Masons. I liked how Ben was a bigger part of the show.
I think this Season was where I started to get annoyed with Tom Mason, a little. I thought it was dumb how he just wondered back into camp and claimed he was abducted. I'm having a hard time remembering all the stuff that happened in Season 2.
I think I remember just finding some of the ending action laughable. Like I felt more sorrow for the death of a rebel alien then I did for a human character. His name was Dai, and he had like maybe 7 or 8 lines in the whole two seasons that he was in. So when he died, it didn't tear me apart, not because he was an awful character, just because he was a flat character that they could have made into someone special, but didn't.
It did have an exciting/intriguing ending with the appearance of another alien race. Again, enough to interest me in watching the next season.

Season 3: Season 3, I enjoyed, at least until the last 3 episodes. Season 3 starts off with a great big helping of action and explosions, which made it exciting. They 2nd Mass has arrived at a kind of safe space. Anne and Tom welcome the birth of their baby girl. The baby starts acting oddly, which was interesting.
Things I didn't understand, Hal's paralysis. Why?
Things that were pretty interesting and scary, the little alien bugs that killed Lourdes' boyfriend, those were terrifying.

Season 4: Season 4 opened much the same way that Season 3 did, which I thought lacked originality. I think this Season I was just more annoyed with Falling Skies than anything else. I had given it the benefit of the doubt, I wanted it to be good, and this Season I realized that it was never going to be good. 
Things that were just stupid in this Season. The stupid love triangle between Hal, Ben, and Maggie. Why? Just Why? Lexi growing up into a blonde, blue-eyed, alien-hybrid. Again, Why? Just Why? The whole let's go to the moon and blow up the power source. Why? Just Why? Killing Lexi by ramming her into the moon. They could have done something cool with Lexi, but it's like they didn't even try. The weird camp that Matt was trapped in... weird. The prison camp that Hal, Tom, and Colonel Weaver were trapped in... weird. And even worse, the fact that Tom could escape his little prison pad and roam the streets, but he hid it from Colonel Weaver. Tom is the worst.

Season 5: I wasn't expecting anything much from Season 5, but I was determined to see it through and finish the series, since I'd already watched everything else. And Season 5 was just bleh. The longer I watched the show, the more annoyed I got at Tom. He's not a good leader. He has an awful yelling voice. Overall, I just wasn't impressed by him. The ending was also just bleh. All that build up for a lackluster ending. So disappointing. And I didn't like what they did with Pope. What was that?

Overall thoughts: Bleh, Bleh, Bleh. This series had such promise and ended up as such a disappointment. In my opinion, it suffered from lazy writing and an inflated sense of ego. They talked about this show like it was the best thing ever, like it's nothing that's ever been on TV before. In reality, this is just a bad, bad copy of The Walking Dead. They tried to capture that Walking Dead popularity with aliens, but they failed miserably.

These are just my own opinions. If you want to watch the show, then do it. I just didn't like it and would not recommend. All images were from google image searches.

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