Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom (#1) by Christopher Healy

Title: The Hero's Guide To Saving Your Kingdom (Heroes Guide #1)
Author: Christopher Healy
Illustrations by: Todd Harris
Published by: Walden Pond Press
Released: 2012
Source: Library

Summary: Saving a princess and having it immortalized in song by bards should ensure that the public remembers your name, but for Princes Gustav, Duncan, Frederic, and Liam, the girls got all the glory, while they became stuck with the name Prince Charming. Although they all go by Charming, the princes are completely different people. Prince Frederic is scared by almost anything. Gustav goes out of his way to prove his strength and toughness. Liam works hard to be a hero each and every day. Duncan is just oddly lucky. When the kingdoms are threatened, these four Prince Charmings come together to save their kingdoms, and hopefully gain fame with their real names. Full of witches, dragons, giants, trolls, dwarves, sword fights, beets, and the occasional flute, this is one rollicking, medieval good time.
My Thoughts: I really loved reading this book! It is such a great middle grade adventure story, with tons of humor, action, and great characters. This story had so much humor in it, with so many funny and slightly ridiculous scenes and lines. I had such a good time reading this book, and seeing the four characters come together as princes, and eventually friends.
My favorite part was watching Gustav and Frederic become friends. So sweet. Duncan was always a good time, so odd and yet so enjoyable.
I also loved the illustrations by Todd Harris. Each illustration was so well done and matched with the story. While Healy's story was good, the added illustrations made it great!
I LOVED reading this adventure of four unlikely hero princes and their ultimate journey towards friendship. This story was full of humor and fun and adventure and awesome! A great story for readers of any age who fancy a good laugh. I'm excited to see what other adventures lie in story for these princes in the sequel.
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