Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review: Mr. Monster (John Cleaver #2) by Dan Wells

Title: Mr. Monster (John Cleaver #2)
Author: Dan Wells
Published by: TOR (A Tom Doherty Associates Book)
Released: 2010
Source: Library

Summary: John Wayne Cleaver stopped a serial killer, but in the process, he let his own Monster out of the cage. John and Mr. Monster are fighting for dominance, and the public at large will only be safe if John wins. 
Just when John thought his town was safe, another killer makes himself known, leaving women's tortured bodies throughout the town. 
John must once again save his town from a killer, and figure out how a diagnosed sociopath can lead a normal, teenage life.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so I was super excited to pick up Mr. Monster, and it did not disappoint! This story was deliciously creepy. I was excited to be with John Wayne Cleaver again, and really did feel for him as he fought with his darker side. I'm really rooting for John to do the right thing, or the most right thing he can manage, and continue to be the hero I know he can be.
Dan Wells offers such a creepy and compelling character through John. The reader just feels like they are in the messed up head of John, and while we are totally appalled by his fantasies and thoughts, we are cheering him on in the quest to overcome them.
This was just another great book to the series and I'm excited to read more of John Cleaver's story. Also, the villain of this book was terrifying! I don't know how Dan Wells does it. Great book for readers who enjoy the darker, more dangerous side of reading life.
Creepy and Fantastic! Can't wait for the next book.

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