Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: After The Woods by Kim Savage

Title: After The Woods
Author: Kim Savage
Published by: Farrar Straus Giroux
Released: 2016
Source: Library

Summary: The statistical probability of a kidnapped girl escaping alive isn't high, Julia knows that, but she beat the odds, she escaped. Her attacker is dead, hanged himself in prison while awaiting trial. Julia still has triggers, still sees a therapist to work through things. The biggest thing she has to work through involves her friend Liv. That day in the woods, she was with Liv. Liv was the one who was caught first, but Julia sacrificed herself so Liv could get away. And Liv did get away, in fact, she ran away, and left Julia there. After she escaped, everyone called Julia a hero, everyone except Liv.
When another girl's body is found in the woods, a body that could have been how Julia ended up, Julia is forced to go back to those memories. Julia will put the pieces of this case together and find out more secrets than she ever wanted to.
My Thoughts: What a fun and interesting ride! It wasn't really what I was expecting, better than what I thought I was going to get. Julia is such an oddball of a character, but she's pretty cool. She's very analytical, with a lot of sarcasm and dark humor. Julia kind of fascinated me.
I was really interested in the mystery too. There was part of me that wanted a bigger conclusion, a more drama filled encounter, but the ending did fit the story.
I also kind of wished a little more from the romance. Not a hot-and-heavy kind of thing, but just for Kellan to get more scene time.
The Paula Papademetriou angle was interesting too. Her name is just fun to say. She's also first and foremost a journalist. I was hoping Julia would be smart in how she interacted with Paula, and she mostly was.
I really enjoyed this story. As a thriller, I think it worked. It's not exactly the story and outcome you expect, which makes it fun. Julia could be a cool future detective/crime solving character. She's slightly cracked, but fun. I say this is a perfect read for the fall, winter, or any time you want to read it.
A Good One!

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