Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review: Wicked (The Wicked Saga #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Wicked (The Wicked Saga #1)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Released: 2014
Source: Library

Summary: Welcome to New Orleans! Ivy knows secrets about the city that will cause your head to spin. Fae walk the streets of New Orleans, feeding off human life force. Ivy's job is to send these Fae back to their world via iron stake. Ivy was born into this job. Protecting the world is just what she does.
Ivy's life is turned upside down when she has to show a new member around the City. Ren is recently transferred from Colorado and is smoking hot. There is attraction there, but Ivy must fight her feelings.
Things are about to go down in New Orleans and Ivy might not like what she finds out.
My Thoughts: So continues my rocky relationship with Jennifer L. Armentrout books. I have so many friends that love her stuff, and I want to fall in love with her books too. Unfortunately, Wicked was just an average read for me. I didn't fall in love with it. I'll admit that it has a very addicting quality to it, and the romance was super steamy.
I don't think I ever loved the main character of Ivy. I tend to have problems with the tough girl I can do everything by myself characters, especially when they never think anything through, and throw themselves into unnecessary and dangerous situations. I just wish Ivy had been smarter.
I was also hoping for more of a twist when it came to the traitor in the organization. It was just so obvious who it was going to be, no real surprise or shock there at all. I like to be thrown for a loop during those situations, and this one was just so obvious, and so easy to figure out.
What was probably done the best in this book was the steamy, New Adult romance. It was Hot Hot Hot! Ren was Hot Hot Hot! I do feel the romance happened rather quickly, I could have done with more build up. They basically had a case of insta-lust.
I felt a bit of a disconnect, that the romance and fae stuff were two separate stories that just seemed to never intermingle. There would be these dire situations, and next thing you know, Ivy and Ren would be engaged in sexy times.
I wanted to be enraptured by this story, but it just ended up as average. Maybe, one day, I'll find that JLA book that I just can't put down. I'll probably read the sequel, because I'm interested enough in finding out what happens next, but Wicked isn't going to make it onto my Favorites List.
Why can't I love you?

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