Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: Nailbiter, Volume 1: There Will Be Blood by Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson, and Adam Guzowski

Title: Nailbiter, Volume 1: There Will Be Blood
Story by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Mike Henderson
Colors by: Adam Guzowski
Published by: Image Comics, Inc.
Released: October 2014
Source: Library

Summary: Buckaroo, Oregon has a bad reputation, 16 serial killers called it home. NSA Agent Finch gets a call from his friend Carroll, who claims he's cracked the case, and tells Finch to come to Buckaroo right away. When Finch arrives, Carroll is missing, and the bodies are starting to drop. Something is going on in Buckaroo. Is it cursed? A place that creates serial killers? 
Finch must stay to find his friend, with the help of the hometown sheriff, and the recently acquitted killer dubbed Nailbiter.
My Thoughts: Bravo! Bravo! This was really good. The concept is dark and intriguing, it just begs to be read. It has a lot of mystery, a true creep factor, and some dark humor sprinkled in. This is perfect Halloween reading.
I thought the art really fit the story. It had it's own sort of style. All the panels were clear and easy to read. The colors used were dark and added to the atmosphere.
This also had some decent scares. If it had been a movie, I would have been hiding behind my hands. 
I can't wait to read more, see where it goes next. A great first Volume to a mysterious series. Definitely check this one out!
Creepy and Mysterious. This Is A Win!

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