Thursday, June 15, 2017

Review: Gotham Academy, Volume 1: Welcome To Gotham Academy by Cloonan, Fletcher, and Kerschl

Title: Gotham Academy, Volume 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy (Issues #1-6)
Written by: Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher
Art by: Karl Kerschl
Published by: DC Comics
Released: 2015
Source: Library

Summary: Welcome to a new school year at Gotham Academy, located in the scenic Gotham City. Olive Silverlock has been assigned to show Maps Mizoguchi around the school, a school teeming with secrets.
The North Hall is supposed to be haunted, and Olive's room mate swears she's seen the ghost. There's also a mysterious new student that keeps popping up. Olive teams up with a ragtag group of students to uncover the secrets of the school, and she learns a little about herself along the way.
My Thoughts: What a fun surprise! I really enjoyed this. I tend to be a little iffy when it comes to very established superhero comics and their spin-offs, just because I like to read things in order, and feel there's no earthly way I can start from the beginning in this universe.
Gotham Academy offered up a full story. I didn't feel lost, and while I might not have gotten all the Easter Eggs or references, I was able to enjoy the whole story.
I liked the vibe this comic had. It was kind of dark and spooky. The school kind of reminded me of Hogwarts, and I loved our little ragtag group. The art style was also just really nice, dark while still being colorful.
Olive was an interesting main character. She's got some secrets that I can't wait to discover. Maps is super cute too.
This was a great first volume, and I can't wait to read more of this series!
So Fun!

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