Friday, January 8, 2016

Reading Right Now! (#47)

This week's Reading Right Now! is...

Title: Shadowlands (Shadowlands #1)
Author: Kate Brian
I am on page 209 and am roughly 62% through this book

This one is very twisty, turn-y, and mysterious. I've really been enjoying it. It's about this girl named Rory Miller who is targeted and attacked by a serial killer. It's a killer who has been on the loose for years and has never been caught. Rory manages to get away and alerts the police, but of course the killer has flown the coop. Rory and her family aren't safe anymore, so the FBI puts them in witness protection. Their new cover places them on this idyllic coastal/island town. The only two ways on the island are by boat or by ferry. This island isn't exactly as it seems though. There is no internet or cell reception on the island. They've entered a dead zone, with no way to get in touch with any friends or family. And Rory has attracted the interest of the popular kids on the island for reasons unbeknownst to her. Uncovering this island's secrets is going to be Rory's next mission.
This book is soooo fun to read. It's really fast-paced and quick, and the mystery just has me guessing. There's this mysterious/eerie sort of vibe that runs through the whole book, and I'm just really enjoying it. It's the first book in a trilogy and I'm definitely going to be picking up the others ASAP, so I have them when I finish this one. At this point, I'd definitely recommend this for a read.
So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! Tell me what you're reading. Or if you've read this book, tell me your thoughts on it. 

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