Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review: Patient Zero (Joe Ledger Book 1) by Jonathan Maberry

Title: Patient Zero (Joe Ledger Book 1)
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin
Released: 2009
Summary: When Joe Ledger kills a terrorist, he sure doesn't expect to get attacked by that same terrorist later in the week. Joe is yanked from his life and job, and is recruited to join a special organization called DMS, whose main goal is to protect the security of America from the living, and as of now, the dead. Joe and his special team of operatives must find and neutralize a group of terrorists who plan on releasing a zombie pathogen on the American population. Patient Zero is full of action, adventure, and sends thrills and chills to readers now imagining the horrors of zombies and terrorists.
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this first book in the Joe Ledger series. It was full of action and thrills as Joe and his team combat a terrifying enemy never before seen on Earth.
I feel like I misled myself on this book because I went into it expecting a full blown, zombie novel, and while it did contain some of the zombie mayhem that I love, it also contained a lot more. This novel wasn't just a zombie novel, it also contained military, terrorists, action, thrills, intense fight scenes, and secret government organizations. This is not a zombie novel, instead it is an intense thriller that shows the horrors that could ensue if terrorists ever got their hands on dangerous disease pathogens and tried to unleash them on the American populace. Terrorists using zombies as a weapon of mass destruction is terrifying.
Maberry did a great job writing an edge-of-your seat thriller, where the fate of humanity rests upon the shoulders of Joe Ledger and his elite team.
It was hard for me to connect with Joe Ledger sometimes. Throughout the majority of the novel, he was a little too macho man for me. Also, he seemed to have no problem jumping into this secret organization and leading a team, which he had never done before. I also questioned his ability to figure things out so quickly. Joe Ledger seems to be more superhuman than the mortal guy he's supposed to be. Those were my only issues with the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it, even though military thriller books aren't my go to reads.
I really enjoyed Joe Ledger's adventures and can't wait to see how he saves the world in the next one. If you're looking for a crazy, thrill ride, Patient Zero is it!
Terrorists + Zombies = Terrifying!

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