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Review: Reborn (Altered #3) by Jennifer Rush

Title: Reborn (Altered #3)
Author: Jennifer Rush
Published by: Little, Brown and Company
Released: 2015
Summary: The flashback comes swift and intense. A girl with dark brown hair, big green eyes, and bleeding from gunshot and knife wounds. Who is this girl? Did he kill her? Nick is haunted by these questions. This idea that he could be just as mean as his father. Nick knows he has to find her. See if she's still alive and what her connection is to Nick. It's a mission Nick has to undertake on his own, so he leaves Anna, Sam, and Cas behind and heads to Trademarr, Illinois. Nick, the man of mystery, will finally reveal what makes him tick.
My Thoughts: First and foremost, I love this series! They are action packed thrill rides that have just been a lot of fun to read. There are three novels and three novellas. I've only read the three physical books, so my opinion is going to be based on that. I was excited and sad picking up this book. Excited because I love this series and this whole book is told from Nicks POV, the sexy man of mystery. Sad because this is supposed to be the last book in the series and I don't want it to end. Overall, I liked this book, but it wasn't my favorite of the series.
I did enjoy getting a story from Nick's viewpoint. Throughout the whole series, he has been the hot, moody, sometimes surly, bad boy. He's been one of my favorites, so it was nice to see what makes him tick.
I liked getting to know Elizabeth too, our main female protagonist in this story. Her story was interesting.
Now, this book did feel slower than the rest. I remember the first two being action-packed and fun. This story took awhile for the action to kick into gear.
I also wasn't the biggest fan of Nick separating from the group. I like their little family unit. I like Nick's relationship with Anna, and in this one with him separated, I kind of missed out on that.
Near the end was where the action and secrets reveal happened and I like that. I like how Anna is as much a part of the fighting force as the boys are.
Now this as a series ender, that's what disappointed me the most. The end just came super quick after all the build up. And there were still so many loose ends. I don't want loose ends at the end of a series. There was also the question, for me, as to what the group was going to do next. They had been moving from town to town, always on the lookout for The Branch. Now are they going to be able to settle down somewhere, be happy, and try to live a semi-normal life? I'm not sure.
So yeah, I love love love this series. It's so much fun and action packed. It's also a series I think is underhyped, it deserves way more love and buzz than it's gotten. As an ending book, Reborn was just alright. In ways it left me wanting, and in the grand scheme of the plot, I don't feel like anything was really concluded. Now that does make me curious about the novellas. Will they add more, conclude things, give stories and happy endings for Trev and Cas? I wish the novellas would be released in printed format. I'm just not a fan of e-books, something I can never physically own and turn the pages with my hand. I guess if I want the full story, I might just have to go out and buy them, but it is disappointing that I can't get them as a physical copy or through my library system. I love the series, but just wish that I could have got a true, satisfying ending, or that there were going to be more books.
Love the series, but underwhelmed by the final installment.

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