Monday, January 4, 2016

Review: Illusive (Illusive #1) by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Title: Illusive (Illusive #1)
Author: Emily Lloyd-Jones
Published by: Little, Brown And Company
Released: July 2014

Summary: The MK virus was one of the deadliest to hit the globe. It killed people all around the world and spread like wildfire. A race was on to find a cure, a vaccination against this deadly disease. When Praevenir hit the market, people lined up for the vaccination. It protected against the MK virus and that was all that mattered, who cares if it hadn't gone through all the FDA tests. Then the side effects hit. Side effects that the world had never seen before. A small, small percentage of the population developed immunities such as: levitation, mind reading, illusions, and other powers. Ciere is an immune and she was blessed or cursed with the gift of illusion. Her immunity makes her a hunted target. The government wants to use her and her gift to their advantage. Ciere instead turns to a life of crime with her mentor Kit. Then the day comes when they become embroiled in something far bigger than they bargained for.
My Thoughts: This was a good time. The whole concept was really cool and fun. I love anything and everything with super powers, and super powered criminals are even better. This was a fast-paced, fun adventure and I really enjoyed reading it. In a way, this kind of felt to me like a distant relative of one of my favorite books Vicious. I felt like I was getting to experience the lives of people with special abilities that Eli hadn't managed to kill yet. Yeah, I liked this and with that ending, I definitely want the sequel soon.
One thing that did drive me crazy at first was having no idea how to pronounce the main character's name. I hate that feeling of seeing this weird name that I have no hope of pronouncing right. It bothers me. Especially when it's a name that I can't figure out on my own. Ciere was that name for me. I actually googled it to figure out how to say it, and I'm so glad that I did. For anyone else with the same hangup as me, it's supposed to be pronounced like Sierra minus the a.
I really enjoyed our band of criminals. The running, evading, and plotting. I thought the world was pretty interesting to read about.
Super powers are always a win. And I really liked the development of the characters. It was interesting to see villains morph into people I didn't hate, some I even rooted for. I am interested to hear more about Daniel in the next book. I wish I could have seen him with Kit and Ciere before he got separated, just so I could gauge what their relationship was like. They might be criminals, but they were also a family.
Really enjoyable book. Fun premise with a really addictive, page-turning quality. Yes, this was good.

Super Powered Fun!

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