Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review: Leviathan (Leviathon Trilogy, Book 1) by Scott Westerfeld

Title: Leviathan (Leviathan Trilogy: Book 1)
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Published by: SIMON PULSE
Released: 2009
Summary: A book full of adventure, an alternate past, and steampunk galore! Prince Alek has just learned his parents have been killed, and in the middle of the night must go on the run. Inside a Stormwalker, Alek and a few trusted men are traveling the wilderness to keep Alek safe and away from the war that is brewing and destined to break.
Deryn has wanted to be an air pilot all her life. Girls are not allowed to join the King's airforce, so Deryn becomes Dylan. Dylan becomes a junior soldier on the great Leviathan, half airship-half whale. Deryn/Dylan hopes that nobody finds out her secret.
Set in 1914, at the start of WWI, Leviathan offers a fascinating alternate history filled with scientifically mutated beasts and humongous war machines. Imagination required.
My Thoughts: A wonderfully thrilling adventure full of massive robots, mutated beasts, and two kids trying to survive in a world about to be turned around by World War One. If you like steampunk, adventure, and a touch of history, Leviathan is the perfect book for you.
I really enjoyed this story. The alternate history and steampunk aspects were really enjoyable. Alek and Deryn were also really fun characters, watching them come and work together was really enjoyable. I also had no problem picturing Deryn as a boy on the Leviathan, although I did have trouble picturing her as a girl with a crush on a boy. A weird predicament to be sure, but Deryn played the boy so well, that in my head she was a boy. I'm really interested to see where Deryn and Alek's story goes.
I also really enjoyed the world building. Scott Westerfeld's imagination knows no bounds. I myself would personally be a machinist instead of a Darwinist just because the creation of those mutant animals just seems like trying to play God. They are taking creatures and manipulating them in order to better serve humans. To me, these new animals seem like unnatural abominations. I would just feel bad about doing this to animals. But creating and building a machine just doesn't feel as bad or dirty. Just my humble opinion. Scott Westerfeld's world is still super cool though.
I also love the illustrations by Keith Thompson. They just jumped off the page and really added to the overall story. I've come to really love pictures and illustrations in books.
Leviathan is a fantastic book set in an interesting world, with two characters that I root for. I'm very excited to continue on with this series, and for those who haven't yet read Leviathan, stop what you're doing and read it right now! You won't be disappointed.
Just look at those beasties!!

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