Thursday, March 16, 2017

Review: The Girl At Midnight (#1) by Melissa Grey

Title: The Girl At Midnight (#1)
Author: Melissa Grey
Published by: Delacorte Press
Released: 2015
Source: Library

Summary: The Avicen and the Drakharin have been at war for as long as anybody can remember. Fighting just to fight, hating just to hate. The Avicen are a people of magic, who live deep beneath the streets of Manhattan, and have feathers for hair. The Drakharin carry the scales of their Dragon ancestors.
Echo is just a human girl, who stumbles across the world of the Avicen. She's adopted by them, but not everyone accepts her.
There are rumors of a mythical Firebird. Foretold to help whoever has it end the war. Echo is on a quest to find the Firebird, and bring peace to her home in order to save those she loves.
My Thoughts: Reading the description, I wasn't sure if I'd be really into this book. With Dragon People and Bird People, I thought it might be just too fantasy and weird for me. I thought I'd have problems getting into it. Boy was I wrong! This was so much fun, so exciting, so addicting! I flew through it because I just couldn't seem to put it down. I loved the characters. I loved the humor. I loved the heist action. This book was a win for me!
I really liked the main character of Echo. She's a thief, which was really fun, and she's sassy! I also loved all the beautiful people. I always like imagining how attractive these characters are in my head. Does anyone else do that? Of course you do, because I'd be stupid to think I was the only one that did it. Some of the characters reminded me of Final Fantasy/Kingdom Heart characters.
I also thought the world was pretty interesting. I loved all the magic, and just the exoticness of it.
I wasn't too sure how to feel about the love story/attraction that was taking place here. I sometimes have problems with much older characters (I'm talking about characters that have been alive for centuries) being paired up with like 16, 17, 18 year olds. It sometimes feels weird to me. I'm weirdly okay with immortal vampires being paired up with younger people, don't ask me why, I'm just not bothered by that one. I also was kind of hesitant because they had both been involved with other people. There were definitely some steamy moments, but I'm just not sure if I root for their relationship.
I did kind of suspect what would happen to the main character, but that didn't make it any less fun for me.
I really enjoyed this book! I sped through it, pretty much devoured it. It was just really addictive and fun. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for the sequel. This pretty cover contained a really good book!
Soooo Good!

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