Friday, September 16, 2016

Reading Right Now! (83)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

-- Beastly Bones (Jackaby #2) by William Ritter -- And I'm loving it! It's going to get 5 stars, pretty much knew that from the first page. For those that don't know, Beastly Bones is the sequel to Jackaby, a book that I read and loved maybe last year. The premise is that our main character Abigail Rook becomes the assistant to a wacky detective of the supernatural, Jackaby. Working for Jackaby, Abigail gets to experience all kinds of things while keeping Jackaby in check.
This sequel opens up with a strange case regarding murder, uncovered fossils, and mystery!
I love this series so much. It is awesome. I recommend it to everyone and anyone. I fully expect to finish this this weekend. I'm on page 228 and it's not that long of a book.

What I'm Thinking of Reading Next!


--Death Note: Volume 6: Give and Take by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata-- I need to continue on with reading my Death Note, they are always great fun!
--The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins-- This is the first book in a duology and it just looked interesting to me. It's classified as fantasy. Something about a beast that has to be hunted, a king that promises his daughter's hand in marriage to who ever catches it, and a handsome hunter who enters the picture. Sounds good, right?

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you Reading? Let me know in the comments below!

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