Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: Arata: The Legend, Vol. 01 by Yuu Watase

Title: Arata: The Legend, Vol. 01
Author: Yuu Watase
Published by: VIZ Media, LLC
Released: 2009
Source: Library

Summary: Two Aratas in two different time periods switch places. One Arata lives in an ancient world with guardians and magic. He is the last of the Hime Clan, who's girls are destined for the throne. Since there are no girls left in the family, his Grandmother dresses him up as a girl and sends him to the Princess, to stall for time while she looks for another Hime Clan girl. The Princess is gravely injured while he is there, and everyone thinks he did it! Arata must flee for his life.
The second Arata lives in the modern world and has just started at a new school. He hopes this school will be better than his old one.
Through a weird incident, the two Aratas' switch places, and jump into each other's problems.
My Thoughts: I love Yuu Watase! Her stories are always a lot of fun and I love her artwork.
This first Volume had a lot going on. It could be a little confusing at times. I'm excited to see where everything goes.
I do wish we could have spent more time with the Arata that got sent to the modern world. I imagine he experienced quite the culture shock.
If you're a fan of manga, I definitely recommend giving this series a shot. Yuu Watase can create some fun, magical stories.

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