Monday, September 26, 2016

Review: Arata: The Legend, Volume 2 by Yuu Watase

Title: Arata: The Legend, Volume 2
Author: Yuu Watase
Published by: Shogakukan Inc. / VIZ Media
Released: 2009
Source: Library

Summary: The adventure continues with two misplaced Aratas and no ideas of how to switch back. Arata, stuck in the ancient land, is sent to a prison island where no one ever escapes. The island is ruled by a mysterious entity, who randomly takes prisoners who are never seen again. Arata needs to escape this island to fulfill his promise made to the dying princess. Finding a way off is going to be hard, but he's determined.
My Thoughts: Another enjoyable volume. Still not one of my favorite Yuu Watase series, but it has potential. Things got a little more interesting in this volume, with Arata's powers and the powers of the other Hayagami Masters.
The panels could be a little confusing to keep up with in this volume. There is a lot of action going on and I found it a little hard to follow from panel to panel. There was a lot of busyness within the panels that made it tough to keep up.
Love the artwork, as always. Yuu Watase is one of my favorite manga artists/creators for a reason :D
I do wish we got to spend more time with the other Arata, in the modern world. I would imagine it would be fun to follow his fish-out-of-water journey.
Excited to read more and see where it goes!
Arata and Arata and Some Confusion

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