Friday, March 25, 2016

Reading Right Now! (58)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...


The Dark Days Club (Lady Helen #1) by Alison Goodman
I'm about 24% of the way through this (on page 125 or something) and it's a massive tome.

So I pretty much stuck with my plan from last week and finished The Cage by Megan Shepherd before hopping into this. I'm glad that I stuck through with that plan, because reading this and The Cage at the same time probably wouldn't have worked out. This book is set in Regency England circa 1812 and revolves around our main character Helen who has just been presented to society upon her 18th birthday. Helen's parents both died, it was rumored that her mother was a traitor to England, and she's been raised by her Aunt and Uncle. Her Uncle is not very nice. Helen's life so far, has been filled with dress appointments, invitations to parties, and working on getting her married off. Pretty normal stuff for a genteel lady of her time. The synopsis mentions demons, and I haven't gotten to that part yet. 
I'm really enjoying this book, but it is a slower paced one so far. Reading the goodreads reviews, some people were really put off by that and didn't like it because of that, but I don't mind the pace of it. One of my guilty pleasures are Regency Romances, so I just love the feel of that time period. This book feels so authentic in it's Regency time and it's fun being in that world, but I can't wait until the demons come into play. Helen is already starting to discover that there is a little something different about her. So I'm excited to continue on with this one.

My What I'm Considering Reading Next Pile. Or maybe again contemplating reading two books at once and picking from these selections to do just that.

Option 1: Day 21 (The 100 #2) by Kass Morgan: If it hasn't already been clear from how much I talk about it, I am such a fan of the CW show adaptation of The 100. I put Book #3 on hold from my library, and it came in, so I need to read Book 2 in order to read Book 3. I don' t know how long I'll be able to keep Book 3, someone else could request it, and I'd be forced to give it up, so I feel like I need to read Books 2 and 3 soon, pronto, rapido. I enjoyed the first book when I read it. It was nothing like the show, but being different from the show probably made me like it more. Its like the same world and some of the same characters, but differences in how they act and who they are, if that makes sense. I really just want to finish the series. #BellarkeForever
Option 2: Hemlock Grove by Brian McGreevy: This one I really should be reading, because I'm supposed to be buddy reading it with my friend Ke-sha. On youtube she's Ke-sha is already on page 100 and is well on her way to beating me. We want to read this together and then re-watch Season 1 on Netflix and then continue with Seasons 2 and 3 on Netflix. I've heard mixed things about this one, but in all honesty, the Netflix adaptation, Season 1 at least, was super weird. So yes, I need to get on the ball and read this so I don't fail on my buddy read.
Option 3: Unhinged (Splintered #2) by A.G. Howard: This is actually my TBR jar pick for what book I should read next. I read the first one last year, and just thought it was okay, but I want to finish the series. I have this weird thing about finishing what I've started (book series wise). I'm a little afraid because the main guy on this cover, Morpheus, was the guy that I really didn't like at all in the first book. He's going to really have to work to get any respect from me.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! and my rough plans for what to read next. What are you guys Reading Right Now! Tell me in the comments below because I love talking books. Talk at you later!

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