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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 6 -Bitter Harvest- (SPOILERS!)

This week's episode of The 100 was solid. I have no hate for it. It wasn't the most exciting of episodes, there were no big, BIG moments, but the whole episode was solid. It did a good job of furthering along certain story-lines. There was no wasted space in this episode. Let's see if I can get this to be my shortest The 100 episode review so far.
I'm going to break this review into parts based on the locations they took place in, because that's what makes the most sense to me.

I'm kind of over Polis. I'm not finding what's happening there that exciting. It bores me. I'm also over all the Lexa and Clarke scenes where they are just hanging out, or complimenting each other's awesomeness. They bore me.

I also think that as a leader, Lexa should distance herself a little from Clarke. Clarke is influencing her, trying to change what kind of leader she really is, and I don't think that's the best thing. As a leader of her people, I think Lexa was doing a pretty good job before Clarke sauntered in. Lexa's whole emotion as weakness served her well in leadership. She made the right decisions for her people, was able to unite the 12 clans. Well, actually I'm not sure if Lexa solely was responsible for uniting the 12 clans, but she's managed to keep that coalition together. I think Clarke's influence isn't doing Lexa any good. I think her people are going to question her and maybe even decide they want a different leader. Lexa needs to separate herself from Clarke, which means no more sleepovers, candles, or being the model for Clarke's art. Also, why do they have so much free time? It's like they aren't worried about anything.
Most interesting parts of Polis this week was King Roan's gift to Wanheda, (Clarke) in the mysterious, wooden crate.

Our only Mount Weather resident still alive, Emerson! Side note: I was disappointed that we didn't get to see King Roan himself. He's become one of my favorites this season. So Emerson is an interesting predicament. Wanheda is left with the decision of what to do with Emerson, how to punish his crimes. Banish him and let him live, or kill him in blood must have blood fashion. Clarke's decision: Kill him. This is interesting in the fact that she's been pushing and convincing this whole peace notion on Lexa. That the Grounders can choose a different path then endless war. Clarke then goes the opposite way with Emerson and decides blood must have blood. I liked how Lexa was going to make Clarke responsible for carrying out his sentence. Clarke would have to kill the man herself. A lot of times, I feel like Clarke lets other people do the dirty work for her, and if she was sure that Emerson had to die, she should be the one responsible for the act.

Of course, when it came time to carry out the actual sentence, Clarke chose to give him life. Which I was glad about because the worst kind of torture for Emerson is living the rest of his life as the only one of his kind left. Emerson wanted death. His blowing up Mount Weather was his revenge and he now has nothing to live for. Bravo to the actor that played Emerson. I could really feel his pain. He knew exactly how many of his people died in that Mountain. His wife and kids slaughtered. No wonder he's not very happy with Skaikru or Clarke. I honestly felt bad for him. All these people are having to make decisions about how to save their own people. Sometimes they sacrifice others in order to live. It's a very interesting conundrum. It's like there are no straight villains here. Anyway, I kind of knew Clarke couldn't go through with killing him, so I was glad she didn't. Then Lexa made a pretty speech.
Random Lexa Thought: I liked how she stood up to Titus saying she was capable of making her own decisions. Titus and Clarke are kind of in this tug-of-war over who has Lexa's ear. Lexa let them know that she is in control.
The only other interesting thing that happened in Polis was the reveal of who Titus had tied up in the basement... MURPHY! 

Oh Murphy, you really do have the worst luck. This also makes me a little more interested in Titus as a character. Here I thought he was some sort of monk, peace man with a weird head tattoo. What are his motives really?

We have two major story-lines going on here. Pike and his campaign of stupidity and Kane's small rebellion. First Pike and his band of merry men. The first glimpse of evil in this episode comes with Monty's mom. I'm really starting to hate Monty's mom.

Hello small Grounder child! Come closer so I can kill you.

That is a smile of evviiiilllll right there! Like why Monty's mom, why?

Luckily our Xena Warrior Princess, Octavia saves said Grounder child from the Evil that is Monty's mom and other gun happy Farm Sector man.
So Pike and Farm Sector's new plan revolves around fertile soil and the Grounder village that happens to be there. That's right people, they want to massacre a village so they can have the land. Whaaat? What's even crazier in this scenario is that Monty, Bellamy, and even Monroe (? I thought she was one of the good guys) are on board with this? Bellamy and Monty's faces at least show reservations, like they are not all the way on board, like they know it's such a bad idea, but they still go along with it. It really doesn't make that much sense to me.
So Octavia hears of this plan and goes to warn the Grounder village that THE ARKADIANS ARE COMING! THE ARKADIANS ARE COMING! She has a horse and everything. Yes, that was a Paul Revere reference. Hey-Ho U.S. History! So Octavia goes and warns them aaaaand, they beat her up, tie her up, and set a trap for the Skaikru. I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, it hurt my heart to see Octavia kicked in the face. She's only trying to do the right thing. Do I blame the Grounders, eeehh not really. I don't know if I would trust a Skaikru member after they had just murdered an entire army of my people, but still, Octavia was just trying to do the right thing.
Turns out, that Acid Fog stuff is kind of a natural occurring substance. Some really dangerous tree sap, that when set on fire, produces lethal, toxic fog. Octavia manages to warn the raiding party, which includes Bellamy and Monty, of the danger, and only a few people end up dying.

Sadly one of those deaths is Monroe :( I actually don't even know who the other person that died was, but Monroe guys *sob sob* And Monty even tried his very best to save her. Went into that dangerous smoke to get her out of there, only for her to die anyway. I liked Monroe. She played a supporting part in Season 2, and I really thought we'd get more of her. She was one of the people who I didn't understand why she was on that raiding party. She never struck me as a character who would go along with Pike's crazy plan. RIP Monroe, I will miss you.
So the end result of that escapade was that there are now more ill feelings on both Grounder and Skaikru sides. And Pike now wants to bring down Octavia for warning the Grounders. Well more specifically, he wants to get Kane, but to get to the big dog, you have to bring down the underlings. I don't realistically see Bellamy giving his sister up to Pike. He'll do anything to protect her. If he does do something to Octavia, I will really be angry at the writers, because it would go against everything he is.
Then we have Kane's little rebellion which is a nice, full circle character moment. Considering he was the big baddie on the Ark, determined to bring Abby down, now he's on the other side. I don't know how many people Kane has on his side though. It doesn't seem like that many. I've seen Octavia and Miller. On the subject of Miller, man does that guy have some pretty eyelashes. So yeah, I'm interested to see how Kane is going to bring Arkadia back to reason.

We also had a cute Kabby moment! Aww. I'm a fan of this relationship. Sure, they started off with one wanting to put the other to death, but look how far they've come. True love prevails! Plus with no Bellarke happening this season, this is all I've got.

Finally, City of Light
This is the last major story-line in Episode 6, and things definitely got interesting. Turns out, Raven was the key to getting more people on board. Now everyone wants one of Jaha's weird pills.

Can I just say, it was weird seeing Raven so happy. Like I want her to be happy, but this pill/City of Light business has given her a screwed up version of happy. I still don't trust this City of Light business. ALIE has Raven looking through the computer systems for a hidden, ALIE upgrade. I don't know why ALIE needs this upgrade, I mean, I'm sure there was a reason they sent it to space and hid it from her. It was just weird how readily Raven agreed to it. How she's jumped on this City of Light bandwagon wholeheartedly. Raven asked questions as to why ALIE wanted it, but it didn't feel like the answers would have really mattered or stopped her from helping ALIE. Just weirdness over here.
Jasper is seeing a happy Raven and almost jumps on the crazy train too. I was so happy that Abby stopped him from taking that pill. And after what Jasper found out, I think he's happy Abby stopped him too. Thanks to Abby, we finally learn of just what those pills do. And my predictions were sort of right, it does block some of the nerves to the brain, making the brain forget about bodily pain. The most shocking reveal though...

Wells Who?

JAHA FORGOT HIS OWN SON!!! I mean, a lot of viewers have probably forgot Wells as well, he didn't even last the first half of Season 1, but Jaha should not forget his own son. 

So now we know that the pill doesn't only cancel pain, but it can alter your painful memories. It can make you forget people you've cared about and lost. Pure craziness! Abby hears this and takes away Jaha's pills, thank goodness. Bad news is, Abby's #2 Jackson, has also joined the Loony Tunes City of Light gang. Noooooo Jackson. He says he'll keep an eye on Abby.
The last important thing we found out in Episode 6 was that originally there were 13 space stations orbiting the Earth, but one had to be sacrificed for the good of the Ark. The 13th station, Polaris, was shot out of the sky. That then leads to the reveal that Titus, who's torturing Murphy for information regarding Jaha's crazy pill, has a piece of the fallen Polaris. It's looking pretty likely that Titus is a descendant of the doomed people of Polaris. Which means that some people had to have survived when it crashed to Earth. Another piece gets added to this interesting puzzle. Oh and ALIE's upgrade was not on any of the Ark computer systems, but ALIE's upgrade could have been hidden within Polaris.

Well, I think that's it. All my jumbled thoughts from Episode 6 -Bitter Harvest- of The 100. Solid episode. Many things are coming into play. I hope Bellamy is able to get away from Pike's bad influence. I wish Kane luck in his rebellion. I hope they have a decent funeral for Monroe. Maybe Clarke will wake up and come back to her people. Who knows what will happen in Episode 7. Well, I mean there are hints because they did release a synopsis. I'm getting more intrigued by this City of Light business, but I still don't trust it. Yeah, I liked this episode. Nothing earth shattering or edge-of-my seat, but it had a lot of meat in it. I hope people continue to watch The 100, because I really want a Season 4. Please let the ratings be strong enough. And I totally failed in making this my shortest review, oh well.

Solid episode. The plot thickens.

all The 100 pictures are from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/

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