Monday, March 7, 2016

Review: The Merciless (The Merciless #1) by Danielle Vega

Title: The Merciless (The Merciless #1)
Author: Danielle Vega
Published by: Razorbill
Released: 2014
Summary: For Sofia Flores, it's a new school every six months. That's the life of an army brat. Making friends at a new school is always a bit of a challenge for the new kid, so it's surprising when the three most popular girls befriend Sofia immediately. These girls are a little strange though. They tell Sofia one of her classmates is possessed by demons and needs to be saved. Sofia dismisses it as just talk, until the night she discovers they've kidnapped the girl, and will go to any means necessary to exorcise the demon. Sofia suddenly finds herself in a clique of very mean girls, where she becomes guilty by association. A very gory, torture filled, and sort-of-fun Halloween read that is not for the faint of heart, or stomach.
My Thoughts: Woah. What did I just read?? This was a messed-up, gore fest, that was kind of fun. It was an experience reading this. Very visual. This felt like one of those B Horror Movies, where even though it's not the best thing ever, you just can't look away. This is the perfect Halloween book, if you're brave enough to read it.
From the first page, I was very suspicious of everybody. All the major characters seemed slightly off. I really wondered why Sofia would voluntarily be friends with these people. There was just this sinister feeling that permeated the whole book.
The whole middle and end of the book was crazy pants. Insanity times 100. This was the section that my eyes got real wide, my mouth dropped open, and even though I might have wanted to, I just couldn't look away. There were so many gross and gory visuals. So many instances of, I can't believe what is happening. Instead of a straight up story, this was an experience.
It definitely is for mature readers who have a strong stomach. There is gore, torture, and weird, religious ideas. If you're not a fan of those kinds of books, then you're not going to be a fan of this.
And that ending was shocking! Not exactly what I was expecting. I am glad to learn that this will have a sequel. I'm curious to know what will happen next. I'm gonna have to check out more books by Danielle Vega.
While this wasn't a 5 star book, it was definitely a fun, out-there reading experience. It's a perfect read for Halloween, or if you just want a book that will shock you. The magic of a book is, you never know what's inside until you read it. Each story is an experience, and this was definitely an experience.
Get Ready for your Mouth to Fall Open in Shock!

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