Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review: Reaper's Legacy (Toxic City Book 2) by Tim Lebbon

Title: Reaper's Legacy (Toxic City Book 2)
Author: Tim Lebbon
Published by: PYR (imprint of Prometheus Books)
Released: 2013
Summary: In this second installment of the Toxic City series, Jack and his friends must find a way to rescue Jack's mother and sister from the mysterious Camp H. In order to rescue his sister, Jack must get help from Reaper and the other Superiors. Lucy-Anne is searching for her brother Andrew in the Toxic City with the help of Rook. Nomad is also out watching the city, her city, and watching Jack. Things only get stranger in this second installment of The Toxic City.
My Thoughts: This book, like the first one, was only an okay read for me. I love the world created in this book. The Toxic City is so dangerous and I never know what new disaster is going to happen next. My favorite part of this series has to be the city itself, and the creation of all these people with mutant powers. It does have its very exciting reading moments strewn throughout. I also really like how Reaper's Legacy is not a chunky book. It tells the story it intends to tell and then leaves you excited for the next one. Reaper's Legacy does contain two of my favorite aspects, a cool, post-apocalyptic world and crazy cool superpowers.
I did have some gripes with this book too. One of my biggest one's has to be that I just feel like an observer in this story, instead of being drawn into the feels and adventure of it. I don't really feel anything special for any of the characters, because they are all written kind of flat. While reading. I feel like I'm watching from above and seeing Jack and his friends experience all kinds of horrors and not really caring what happens to them in the end. I wish I cared for these characters, but there is nothing extra special about any of them. Well, I did feel bad for Rook :(
My second gripe is Lucy-Anne. I hated her in the first book. I felt like she was useless and could have gotten everybody killed. I didn't hate her as much in this book though. My gripe with her this time is that her power and dream sequence chapter were a pure headache to read. I didn't know what was happening, what was real, and what wasn't. That dream chapter/sequence just wasn't put together right and was kind of sloppy.
Reaper's Legacy is an okay read and acceptable second installment to the Toxic City Series. The world is so messed up and cool, that I would read it just for that. If you enjoy reading post-apocalyptic books and things involving super powers, then I suggest you give this series a shot. Fair warning, it can sometimes be brutal.
An okay read with a really cool world.

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