Friday, May 20, 2016

Reading Right Now! (66)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...


-- Deceptive (Illusive #2) by Emily Lloyd-Jones-- I'm over halfway done with this and enjoying every second of it. I read the first book sometime last year and absolutely loved it, so I was very excited to start this one. As far as I can tell, this is a duology? Maybe? I'm not really sure, and I'm hoping that it isn't, that there will be more to come. This is essentially about super-powered criminals. A vaccine was created to halt a deadly disease, but the vaccine had unintended side effects. 0.003% of the population given the vaccine developed special abilities such as super memory, super survival skills, levitation, illusion, and in rare cases, mind control. These people who have these abilities are hunted down or live a life on the run. Ciere is an illusionist, and her survival comes with a life of crime. She's a criminal.
I'm loving this. It's just what I wanted to read. It's giving me that feeling of satisfaction, if that makes sense. The weird thing is, it doesn't really feel like a direct continuation of the first book, but I think that's what's making it work so well for me. I think there could be so many books with these characters just taking on different heists and stuff. I don't know. I'm rambling. I just really like this world, these characters, and I'm a little sad if this is the last one. This is also a book series that I don't hear much about and that's disappointing. It's so awesome and more people need to read it.

--I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh-- I'm still making my way through this one slowly, and don't think it's because it's not good, because it is good. Every time I sit down to read it, I'm really interested in it. It does move in a slower pace, or at least it has so far. I'm not sure where everything is going to go. I don't know who the bad guy is going to be. If you like thrillers, definitely give this one a shot, it's really captivating in its own way. I'm glad that I won it through a Goodreads FirstReads giveaway, and have the chance to experience it.

What I'm Going To Start Next!!

-- Homecoming (The 100 #3) by Kass Morgan-- I'm so excited. I've been on a The 100 binge lately, and I don't regret any of it. I actually just watched the Season 3 finale on the CW, and I don't know what to feel about it. If you've been following my blog for the last year, you know my love for The 100 is strong. I love the show, but I also really enjoy the books. They are two different entities, so different, yet have that same interesting premise. I'm actually really happy that they are two different things. It's interesting to me to see how one idea can go into so many separate paths. 
Anyway, I'm excited to see what happens in this one. I've also just found out that there will be a 4th book, which hampers my trying to finish series goal, but makes me so happy, because I get more stories set in this world with these characters. If you are a show purist, the books might not be for you, because they aren't like the show at all. I'd say, push the show from your mind when going into the books. Embrace them and love them for what they are.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading?

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