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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 14 -Red Sky at Morning- (SPOILERS!)

Well that episode was a whole lot of nothing.

It just seemed like a lot of pointlessness went on. At the end of the episode, our characters hadn't progressed anywhere, they were at the same point they started at. That is so frustrating in an episode.
So, I'll try to explain my thoughts in a little more detail.

Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, and Jasper
So the gang has finally made it to Luna, out on her oil rig community in the middle of nowhere. Clarke is determined to convince her to accept the flame and become the next Heda. Problem is, Luna doesn't want to be the next leader, at all, no matter how many times Clarke pleads with her.


But being the stubborn person she is, Clarke knows that NO really means YES. Clarke will force Luna to become the next Heda. I mean, Clarke is so super clever, she'll have no problem forcing the chip onto Luna. Yes, that's a heavy amount of sarcasm there.

Can you tell I'm not Clarke's biggest fan lately? She's been annoying me a lot this season, and this episode was no different. She continues to cling to this plan, a bad plan, that she should realize by now isn't going to work. She's incapable of listening to anybody else and taking their suggestions. This whole take charge thing, I was all for it during the first 2 seasons, but she listened to other's suggestions in the first 2 seasons. This season, it's like she's lost all common sense. She expects everyone to go along with whatever she says because she's Clarke, Wanheda, Savior of her People. I wish she would just get over herself. Haha I'm so mean, but I don't regret what I said, because she's really been getting on my nerves this season.

Luna Take The Flame: Attempt #3

Clarke's Scoping It Out. She's Got This.
Phase One: Talk to Luna one more time. Beg and Plead with her to take the chip. Try the Guilt Trip, that's a proven method. 
Phase Two: In the event that she still doesn't want the Flame: Activate it and Force it in her Neck.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong With This Brilliant Plan?


Well, I guess that didn't work.

I kind of loved how Luna just took her down. Clarke obviously didn't get that NO means NO. Do I feel sorry for Clarke, No. This was a stupid plan, and stupid plans never end well. And how do we know that even if Luna had accepted the chip, that it would have worked? Clarke got what was coming to her in my opinion. And Luna is tough! If she'd stayed with the other Nightblood's at Polis, she probably would have had no problem killing Lexa and becoming the Heda.

Now, Let's Talk About Jasper's Love Life
Jasper meets Girl, Jasper Likes Girl

Girl gets shot with an arrow. A mortal wound. It is safe to say Jasper is cursed when it comes to love.

It was after this that things started to get a little crazy on the oil rig. Somehow, ALIE made her way there and pretty much unleashed mayhem. Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia were locked up because of the whole, trying to force Luna to take the flame thing, so they were spared from most of the violence. 
Poor Luna on the other hand, was target Numero Uno. ALIE feels a little threatened by her, and decides the way to conquer her is to force her to take the ALIE Chip. Luna is water-boarded and almost drowned. Her lover, who is chained up and having to watch it all, volunteers to take the ALIE chip to end her suffering. This doesn't work though, then it becomes Luna's lover trying to force her to take the chip. Luna ends up killing her love, which is a little drastic. I think she could have knocked him out or something. She then has a Big Cry about it, and it's at that moment that Clarke and Bellamy enter from stage left. Jasper's crush managed to drag her arrow ridden body to the container that Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia were being held in, and let them out. Immediately after that heroic act, she died.
After all the trouble they brought to the Oil Rig, Luna kicks them off. She drugs their drinks and they wake up right back where they started. On shore, with no idea how to get back to Luna's Rig. You see why I thought this whole thing was pointless!

Raven and Monty

Raven and Monty are supposed to be researching and spying on ALIE in this episode. Raven has gotten into ALIE's system and is viewing her code in real time. Because ALIE was inside her head, Raven now has this special intelligence when it comes to ALIE's code. She's able to see the code as the real buildings and people of the City of Light, instead of the meaningless letters, dashes, and numbers that everyone else sees. Raven is also kind of obsessive in this episode. She is having the same problem Clarke has of taking a step back, listening, and reevaluating. She's determined that her way is the right way, the only way. Monty is kind of there as her voice of reason, a way to reign in the obsessiveness. 
Let's Talk About Monty's Love Life

Ummm I'm sorry, but that just seemed to come out of left field. Now I don't want Monty to be alone and lonely, but this whole hook up just felt very weird. I know some people argue that Harper and Monty's romantic connection happened in Season 2, when they were both trapped by the crazy doctor and being harvested for their bone marrow. They were each other's only comfort and support system. But this season, I haven't really seen the chemistry or development of a relationship for them to be at this point yet. I'm not even really sure that I buy them as love interests. I just felt very weird, very rushed, and very out-of-place. The whole, Nobody's tried to kill us in two days, let's have sex! Ummm no. I don't think I'm a fan of Marper or Harty or whatever it is that they call them. I don't think I buy them as anything more than friends.
Raven's obsessiveness with the code has reached new heights. She decides to not follow the plan of waiting for the others to get back and enters the passcode to hack into ALIE's main databases. This is a one time thing. Once ALIE knows someone is messing around in her databases, Raven will never be able to use that code again. It was a bad idea on Raven's part. ALIE knows immediately that someone is accessing her code, and assumes that it's Monty. I guess just because she thinks Monty is smart. ALIE then goes for the mode of distraction and emotional pain, by bringing in Monty's mother. This ends up in Monty having to kill his mother twice! That is too much pain for that poor child. And what ended up being accomplished? Nothing. Raven got kicked out of the system before she could trigger the kill switch. 

This was another whole irritating sequence. Raven managed to annoy me this episode, which she NEVER does. If she had only waited for the others to come back, maybe things could have worked out differently. Maybe they could have taken ALIE off-guard and shut her down for good. But we'll never know, because Raven couldn't follow the plan and be patient.

Indra, Pike, and Murphy

These guys are still in prison when we get to them. Indra is happily, or unhappily, torturing Pike in retribution for the 299 souls lost on the battlefield. Indra is vicious, but she doesn't seem happy carrying out her revenge. I think that says something, revenge doesn't make you happy, it doesn't bring back the people you have lost. Anyway, Murphy works his hardest to convince Indra to stop, to realize that they need Pike in their ultimate fight against ALIE. Indra finally agrees and then she stages a bad-a$$ prison escape. All the other prisoners are told to flee, while Indra, Pike, and Murphy team up to destroy ALIE. They are after the backpack, which Murphy knows is vital to ALIE's continued existence.

ALIE is aware of their plan and decides to continue on with her heartless ways and sends Emori to slow them down.
The gang gets to the chamber where the backpack is being held, and finds Emori already there. Murphy is all ready to destroy the backpack, when Emori says that if he destroys it, all the people that have taken the chip will be rendered brain dead. Emori is the only person Murphy's cared about in a while, besides himself, so he's not able to destroy the backpack. He looks to Pike for help, and Pike smashes the battery in the backpack.

Unfortunately, they are too late. Emori's distraction gave ALIE enough time to upload herself somewhere they will never be able to reach her, the old space station. All that trial for no real result, just so irritating.

This whole episode was just irritating. I wanted Clarke to use common sense. I wanted Raven to use common sense. Their whole problem stemmed from not listening to what their friends had to say. They became so bull-headed and married to their ideas, and when each plan self-destructed, they had no one to blame but themselves.

Episode Grade: B-
I found the whole thing pointless and irritating, because nothing was accomplished.

So that's what I thought of Episode 14, Red Sky at Morning. What did you think? Episode 15 review should be up in the not too distant future. And we get our Season Finale this week!! Oooh I'm excited.

All The 100 screenshots were taken from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/ while all gifs were found through google image searches.

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