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Top 5 Wednesday: Top 5 Characters You Defend

This Top 5 Wednesday spoke to me, because some characters automatically came to my mind. Characters that I love, characters that I sympathize with, and characters that I feel have been unfairly judged. I would defend all these characters. Now some, I would recognize haven't always been the best people, but I would defend them because of how much they've grown or changed. So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Characters I'd Defend:

5. Edward Cullen from Twilight

In the world at large, Edward Cullen has been labeled as a freak and stalker. I can see where those people are coming from. I mean, it is kind of creepy that he would watch Bella while she slept, I'm not arguing that point. But I'm able to look past the creep status, just because I like him. Edward was probably my first book boy crush and his love for Bella made me swoon. Also, I just want to note that these feelings only resided for book Edward, not movie Edward. Movie Edward was kind of weird. So, I don't hate on Edward Cullen. His unique situation and stunning good looks made me look past his stalker-ish tendencies.

4. John Murphy from The 100

I'm sorry for not sticking to just books, but The 100 has been my obsession of late and so it's on my mind. John Murphy is a complicated character. Some people love him, some people hate him. His character has grown and changed so much since the first season. Season 1 Murphy was a straight villain. He killed some people, peed on a guy, and was just generally bad news. But as the seasons have gone on, he's become one of my favorites. He's a guy that cares mostly about himself. He does whatever he has to to survive. In these past 2 seasons though, I think he's really started to care for other people. He's like the Grinch, his heart has grown 3 sizes. It's just fun to watch where his character goes. And he's so sassy. How can you not like the sassy, sarcastic character? John, even though I'm not okay with you killing those people in Season 1, I really like you now.

3. Jeb from The Splintered series, but especially in Unhinged

Yes Jeb, I'm going to defend Jeb. I don't understand why Morpheus gets a pass for the things he does, while Jeb gets vilified. So far, as to the status of this love triangle, Jeb is my choice. He supports Alyssa, he wants to keep her safe, and in the first book he followed her to Wonderland to save her. Jeb really gets vilified in the second book of the series, while under the influence of a drug, he gets a little rough with Alyssa. I read the reviews where people called Jeb an abuser, the lowest of low, how can a book make woman beating okay? Here's my problem with this, who gave Jeb this drug (MINOR SPOILER) why yes, it was Morpheus? What do you know. That creepy moth boy once again used someone for his own purposes. Jeb isn't Jeb while he's on this drug. He would have never tried to do anything to Alyssa if Morpheus hadn't slipped something in his drink and then commanded him to repaint Alyssa's memories. So if anyone is the villain here, it's Morpheus. I do not like that Moth Boy.

2. Severus Snape from Harry Potter

Snape, some people love him, some people hate him. Some people see him as a villain, some people see him as a hero. I see him as a human, a human who made mistakes and then did his best to atone for them. A man who lost the woman he loved and never got over her. He's a tragic character, a character that I can't help but pity, feel sorry for, and really root for. I think I really started to sympathize with Snape when we went into his memories. How much he loved Lily and then how he was bullied so much by The Marauders. Those chapters hit me hard. I also suspected in the 6th book that Dumbledore was just using him, using his feelings for Lily and his guilt to do things that he didn't necessarily want to do. For the majority of his life, Snape was trying to atone for a past sin. He wasn't a happy man and that makes me sad for him. So yeah, I'm going to defend Snape, always.

1. Bellamy Blake from The 100

Sorry, I couldn't just stick to one picture. I love him too much and he's just adorable. You really should be thanking me. You're welcome. Bellamy was actually the first character that popped into my head when I saw this topic. He's been getting so much hate in Season 3, hate that I think has been excessive. Where's does this hate come from? I have my opinions about that. A certain fandom that wants him gone because he threatens their ship. But I love Bellamy. He has never once lived for himself. He's always had a weight on his shoulders, someone that he's had to take care of. One is his sister Octavia. He's always tried his best to protect her. He snuck onto the 100 Ship in order to protect her. It's also obvious that he cares a lot about Clarke. He will go to the ends of the Earth to protect her. And now, on the ground, he feels a great deal of responsibility to his people. Whatever his choices, good or bad, they've been done to protect those he loved. Season 3, people wanted him to die for the massacre of the 300 Grounder Army. I always had a problem with that storyline in general. I can't believe, won't believe, don't believe that 10 Skaikru with limited artillery could feasibly take out a 300, hardened, skilled, Grounder Army. It's just not going to happen in my mind. And dumb on them for not showing the battle. If they want the audience to believe that crap, they should have showed it and made it more real. Bellamy Blake will always be my bae and if you don't agree with me, I really don't care.

So those are my Top 5 Characters I'd Defend. What are your Top 5. Let me know in the comments below. If you want to join in on the Top 5 Wednesday fun, you totally should. Each Wednesday is a new, fun topic to contemplate and talk about. Check out all the other Top 5 Wednesday-ers Here!

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