Friday, May 27, 2016

Reading Right Now! (67)

What I'm Reading Right Now! is...

-- The 100: Homecoming (#3) by Kass Morgan- I'm not that far into it yet and I don't know how I feel yet. I really like this series, books and T.V. show. I like how the two differ. How I get different things from each one. Now, I'm not sure if my feelings are iffy because I'm still in that sadness of Season 3 being over, and me not really liking the final episode of Season 3, or if it's because I'm just not feeling the book yet. I think I might be in the slump from Season 3 ending, I think that's it. The thought of having to wait until 2017 for Season 4 just depresses me. The hopelessness of the Season 3 ending depressed me. I still need to post my reviews for the last two episodes. I'll tell you this, Part 1 was awesome, Part 2 was a letdown, especially knowing it was a finale.
Anyway, back to the book!! I hoping I fly through this like I flew through the other two. And we got great news this week that there will be a 4th book in this series! Yess!
Mini rant: I'm not a fan of this cover for Homecoming, in that it really doesn't fit the book. Finn doesn't even go here! (that was my sad attempt at a Mean Girls reference) But seriously, this gives people a false impression of what the book is going to be. The books are nothing like the TV show. But that doesn't mean that the books are awful for not being an exact replica of the TV show. I'm just rambling now, but this book would do much better with a different cover.
Hope to maybe finish this this long weekend.

Also Hoping To Get To

-- Endless (Shadowlands #3) by Kate Brian- This series has been so addicting to me this year, and I would love to be able to finish the last book before it's due back at the library. Will that happen? ehhh I'm not sure. I hope it will. But I really want to see how everything ends. I know it's going to be a super quick read, I just know it.

So that's what I'm Reading Right Now! What are you reading? Let me know in the comments below. Also, is anyone else in that depressive slump of not having The 100 to watch on Thursdays? That show takes over my life!!

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