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What Did I Think Of: The 100: Season 3, Episode 13 -Join Or Die- (SPOILERS!)

I look forward to watching The 100 every Thursday. It's the only show that I will race home for and be sad if I miss. I missed the original airing of this one waaahhh! But it wasn't my fault. I got home and the power was out. A storm had come through and blew down a bunch of trees. I thought for sure that the power would be back on by the time The 100 was going to come on. As 9:00 pm got nearer and nearer though, I had to accept the sad facts that the power wasn't going to come on, and I was going to miss watching it live. Totally first world problems, I know. I'm grateful that the storm didn't hurt anybody, or do anything to my home, the only thing it did to me, was made me miss watching The 100 live. I want to watch it live every time though, so I can give it the ratings. Not that my measly little rating probably has any impact. Anyway, long story short, I downloaded the CW App onto my phone, and was able to watch it on that. It worked really well actually, so now I know if I miss another one, I have that option.
Join or Die was crazy. It was another one of those episodes where it felt like a lot was going on in it. This season has kind of been like that. Jumping from here, to there, to everywhere. I'm not sure how I feel about the sensory overload sometimes, but I did enjoy this week's episode. The ALIE story is just getting more and more insane. The flashbacks were fun. And of course anytime Bellamy and Clarke are together, I'm happy.


I think I'll start with the flashbacks. I actually really enjoyed them. It was fun to go back to the beginning in a way. See how clean and shiny our characters were before they made it to the ground. Some people weren't happy at the flashback scenes because they thought it was trying to cast Pike in a favorable light. Pike has already been painted as the Villain this season, and people don't want to sympathize with him, and try to see where he was coming from. I enjoyed the flashbacks for just that reason. I don't think The 100 has ever been 100% Good Guy, or 100% Bad Guy. They've always tried to show the cost of survival, how it can result in gray area choices. To save your people, sometimes others' have to be sacrificed. Every character on the show has made questionable choices. And then there have been some characters who've started off as the bad guys and developed into favorites.
I thought it was interesting seeing Pike teach a class full of juvies how to survive on Earth, when they don't know they are going to Earth. He had a very difficult task to complete, and no real help from the people who wanted him to complete it. The juvies weren't taking the class seriously, and why would they? They don't think they are going to Earth. Most of them are probably sure they are going to be floated as soon as they turn 18. So how does Pike make his lessons stick? He turns to violence and beats up on poor Murphy. 


I think this totally fits with Pike's character though. I don't always agree with his decisions, but at least he's consistent with them. Pike is a fighter. When he gets to the Ground, he's not going to give up, and he doesn't want these kids to either. I understood the lesson he was trying to teach, and it was a good lesson, just delivered in a questionable way. Pike's main problem is he took things too far this season, just like he took things too far in the class. He crossed a line from being a survivor, to being a person willing to wipe out everyone, for what he thought of as belonging to his people.
It was also so fun remembering how much I really didn't like Kane in the beginning. How he was kind of the villain. My how things have changed. And it was just weird seeing Jaha as Chancellor again after he's taken so many crazy pills this season. It was just fun going back to where it all started and seeing how much these characters have changed. Nostalgia was strong!
I really liked the ending of the flashback scenes, where everyone is getting loaded onto the dropships. The goodbye Abby gave an unconscious Clarke was emotional. My favorite part though was seeing Bellamy sneak up in his guard uniform and get onto that ship. Bellamy is my favorite.


Umm so Polis is pretty messed up now. Blood literally flowing through the streets. Kane and Pike have finally made their way there, too bad Jaha, ALIE, and the zombies made it there first. Polis is crazy now. If I was Pike, I would be scared about my fate right about now. There is a whole bunch of violence going on.
Polis had two parts mainly, what was going on with Pike and what was going on with Kane. Since Pike and Kane refused the City of Light pill offered by Jaha, they were both taken away. Pike was taken to a dungeon where Murphy and Indra (uh oh) just happened to be. Indra decided to take her revenge on Pike and proceeded to give him her 300 cuts for the 300 lives he took. A little dark. Indra didn't seem that happy in her revenge, like it didn't make her happier while doing it. She is very set on revenge though. Murphy manages to convince Indra not to kill Pike, yet, because they need all the strong people they can to escape the situation they are in. I'll be excited to see how this escape goes in the next episode.
Kane has the more tragic story. They send in Abby to try and get Clarke's location from him. Kane doesn't know that Abby has taken the pill, but once he realizes that Abby is not really Abby, the look of betrayal on his face is so sad.

And not only is he betrayed, they then decide to torture him until he gives up the location of Clarke. They nail him to a cross like thing!

THIS IS CRAZINESS!! I'm not really getting why a big X cross, or why people have to be tortured into taking the pill. Like why can't Jaha and ALIE just force feed people the pill? Why do they have to resort to torture to do it? Jaha is a baaaaad man.

When torture doesn't work, Jaha and ALIE threaten to kill Abby. That is all it takes for Kane to give up and take the City of Light pill. I felt so sad for Kane this episode. Why doesn't anyone talk about how evil Jaha is this season? It's always Pike or Bellamy. Jaha is the true vision of evvviiilll this season.

The Search for Luna

Hanging out with some of my favorite people, Oh yeah! Any scene with Bellamy in it, I'm going to like, so I liked this little quest. It seemed like an impossible quest, finding this mysterious Luna just based off of Lincoln's journal map. But lo and behold they did find her. I'm impressed. 
My poor Bellamy had it so tough this episode. He's still struggling with himself. Trying to do what is right. Trying to give Octavia the space she wants. Bob Morley man, that acting, the hurt in those eyes. He's been killing it every scene this season! So now I'm just going to include some pictures of Bellamy Blake, because he's my favorite, we all should appreciate him, and the level of feels I had for him this episode were everything.

You're welcome world. And the Clarke and Bellamy moments gave me more feels!! That hug, yes that hug!! 

I will argue fervently that those hugs between Bellamy and Clarke mean more than anything she's shared with anybody else. They are such a good team. Everytime Clarke says, I Need You, to Bellamy, it just makes me happy. They are so good together. I'm so happy that they are finally back together again. I really had to suffer the majority of this Season, them being separated all the time, and it's sooo nice to finally have that dynamic back together on the screen. And how about when they both looked at each other before they drank the strange Grounder liquid? Magic!

I also really enjoyed Jasper as the comic relief. He had some funny lines. The finding Luna bit was pretty cool too. How she was hidden on an old oil rig in the ocean, just a cool touch. I also kind of enjoyed how Clarke makes this big spiel about Luna needing to accept the chip to become the next commander. How she's the only one of her kind left and has to do it to save the world and the Grounder people. My favorite part was how she just said No and walked away. Priceless. So obviously, Clarke's going to have to do some more convincing.

Episode Grade A: So much happening. Flashbacks, yes! Polis is crazy. Jaha is crazy. Poor Kane. Bellamy and Clarke, so cute.

The 100 images from http://screencapped.net/tv/the100/ and all other gifs found through google image searches

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